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Welcome to CopyCoCBases, your ultimate destination for mastering Clash of Clans TH8 attack strategies. We understand that Town Hall 8 is a pivotal point in the game, and our meticulously crafted strategies and powerful armies are designed to help you conquer any challenge. Our team of experts has curated the best-in-class techniques that ensure victory, whether it’s mastering the GoHo or DragLoon approach. With CopyCoCBases by your side, you’ll unleash the true potential of your TH8 base and dominate the battlefield. Elevate your Clash of Clans experience with our proven strategies and embark on a journey to supremacy!

TH8 Base Layouts

Top Rated Armies | TH8 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH8 Armies

TH8 Attack Strategies ( GoHoPe ) :

Strengths: Despite being costly in the Dark Elixir department, GoHoPe is an extremely powerful attack that’s very tough to defend against, even if your Barbarian King is a low level. The main strength of GoHoPe are the two Golems that can tank for roughly 90% of the battle while the Hogs hammer through the defensive units. Phase 1 – Kill Squad: The objective in GoHoPe phase 1 is to lure out and destroy all defending Clan Castle troops with your Kill Squad. This will give the Hog Riders an easy cleanup run in phase 2. Start the attack by deploying 1 Hog Rider as close to the Clan Castle trigger ring as possible to lure out the defending troops. Drop down 2 Golems about 3 buildings apart near the edge of the enemies base. Both Golems will begin tanking defenses, while the defending Clan Castle troops lock onto them. Deploy 7 Wizards and 3 Archers behind the 2 Golems to start clearing out buildings. As soon as the defending Clan Castle troops begin to engage your Golems, drop a Poison Spell on them and a Rage Spell slightly in front of your Kill Squad. Breach the outer wall with your 5 Wall Breakers, then send in the Clan Castle P.E.K.K.A and your Barbarian King to top off phase 1. Your Kill Squad should be working its way in the base while tanking a majority of the defense. Off to phase 2! Phase 2 – Surgical Hogs: The objective in phase 2 is to quickly take down all remaining defenses with your 15 surgically placed Hog Riders. Drop 3 or 4 Hogs on 1 single defensive unit. Do this 4 more times until all of your Hogs are in battle. Use your 2 Healing Spells when bigger groups of Offense get targeted, and your remaining Poison Spell when Skeleton Trap Larry’s begin playing “TAG – you’re it!” with your Hog Riders. Use the final 4 Wizards and 3 Archers for outside building cleanup. Where It Can Go Wrong: Watch the battle clock! GoHoPe is extremely powerful, but level 4 Hog Riders are quite low in DPS. It’s crucial that you save 4 Wizards and 3 Archers for final cleanup once all defenses are down. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: GoHoPe has the power to take down any Town Hall 8 / 8.5 base it faces. Once you get the timing of phase 1 and 2 down, you will be 3-starring maxed 8’s with ease.

Top Rated Armies | TH8 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH8 Army 1

TH8 Attack Strategies ( HogOn ) :

Strengths: The most trustworthy hybrid 3-star strategy at Town Hall 8. It’s a 3-phase attack, but all phases are quite easy to execute. Get the best of air and ground with HogOn. Phase 1 – Lure: Send in 1 Hog to lure out the enemy’s Clan Castle (use 2 Hogs in case you miss the full lure.) Once all defending troops are out from hiding, bring in 2 of your Dragons to attack a building furthest away from any defense. This will cause the defending CC troops to walk or fly over to your Dragons, where they will be outnumbered, Poison Spelled and ultimately destroyed. While that CC battle is happening, ZapQuake (3 Lightning Spells & 1 Earthquake Spell) an Air Defense that has a closeby Air Sweeper or Archer Tower. The goal here is to fully take down the Air Defense, while dealing out Lightning and Earthquake splash damage to surrounding defenses. Phase 2 – Surgical Hogs: The objective with Phase 2 is to take down defenses that can attack air. Specifically the last 2 Air Defenses and Archer Towers. With the remaining 18 or 19 Hogs (depending on if you used 1 or 2 for Phase 1), Surgically drop 3 or 4 per defensive building. Once the Hog Riders are all deployed, drop your Clan Castle Hogs and finally a Healing Spell once they converge into a large group. Phase 3 – Dragon & BK Cleanup: \nWith the 3 remaining Dragons, deploy 1 per corner, then drop your Barbarian King on the 4th corner. This will kickoff the final Hog / Dragon / King cleanup for 3 more War stars to your Clan’s total. Where It Can Go Wrong: Having to use more than 2 Hogs and 2 Dragons to clear out the enemy’s War Castle will greatly slow down this attack. Those final 3 Dragons are crucial for a quick cleanup at the end, since Level 4 Hogs attack relatively slow due to their lower DPS. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: HogOn gives you the best chance at a hybrid 3-star attack. It’s also very easy to modify, since your Army only consists of 5 and 20 Housing Space troops. Simply drop 4 Hogs to go heavier on Dragons if you need more air support.

Top Rated Armies | TH8 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH8 Army 2

TH8 Attack Strategies ( GoWiPe ) :

Strengths: Quite possibly the most classic War attack in the game. At Town Hall 8 and below, GoWiPe often translates into 3 more War stars for your Clan. With well over 20,000 HP from the two Golems and 3 P.E.K.K.As, Town Hall 8 defenses will have a very tough time taking down this Army. Especially when it’s time to drop the Healing Spell on them. Phase 1 – Lure: Start the attack by quad Quaking into the core to get within trigger range of the defending Clan Castle. Without any Wallbreakers, you want to make sure you drop the 4 Earthquakes on walls that will open up outside compartments right to the core. Send in your 2 Golems to lure out the CC troops. Drop your 2 Poison Spells slightly in front of your Golems and 7-10 Wizards behind the Golems to bring down the defending and poisoned CC troops. Drop your Healing spell slightly in front of the Golems to restore some of their health from the defense and Clan Castle troops. Phase 2 – Cleanup:\nOnce your Golems make it further into the core, they will get targeted from about 80% of the defenses. This is the time to drop the Clan Castle P.E.K.K.A into the core, and the 2 Army P.E.K.K.As and Barbarian King on the opposite map side of the entry line. With all remaining Wizards and Archers, distribute them evenly behind the Kill Squad & P.E.K.K.A / King groups. These Wizards and Archers will destroy from the outside in, while the Kill Squad destroys from the inside out, leaving your clan with 3 more War Stars! Where It Can Go Wrong: Avoid closely deploying your Wizards in large groups. If they are in a tight group, they are more prone to a Giant Bomb, Spring Trap line or Wizard Tower taking them out all at once. This will leave you with far fewer Wizards, possibly slowing down the attack to a high-percentage 2-star. Additionally, keep a close eye on your Barbarian King’s health bar. If he’s level 5 or above, activate his Royal Fist ability when his health bar drops below 50%. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: It’s a Clan War tradition to use GoWiPe at some point of your Town Hall 8 career. As long as you watch the battle clock, and carefully deploy your cleanup Wizards, you’ll be smooth sailing your way to another 3-star.

Top Rated Armies | TH8 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH8 Army 3

TH8 Attack Strategies ( DragLoon ) :

Strengths: DragLoon is hands down the most powerful Town Hall 8 air attack in the game. This is credited to the December 2016 buff of both Balloons and Dragons that is STILL relevant today! Balloons now drop their first bomb much faster, and the Dragons’ attack speed has been increased. It is extremely tough for a Town Hall 8 to defend against DragLoon. Phase 1 – ZapQuake: Start by planning your entry line. The entry line should be closest to 2 easy-to-reach Air Defenses. Begin the battle clock by ZapQuaking (3 Lightning Spells & 1 Earthquake Spell) the Air Defense furthest away from your entry line. Immediately send in 7-8 Dragons along the entry line while spacing them about a dragon length apart from each other. Drop your Barbarian King to assist in the funneling. Once the enemy’s Air Defenses start firing rockets and their Clan Castle begins to engage, drop a Rage Spell slightly in front of your Dragons and a Poison Spell on the defending Clan Castle troops. Phase 2 – Cleanup: You should be down to an empty defending Clan Castle and 2 damaged Air Defenses for the start of phase 2. Drop your remaining Dragons and your Clan Castle Balloons (which ideally should be max level) so they follow a short path to the final Air Defenses. Use your Clan Castle Haste Spell to speed them up. Now that you have fully deployed all Troops and Spells, it’s just a matter of letting the Dragons and Balloons flatten the enemy’s base for 3 more stars. Where It Can Go Wrong: To determine the most effective entry line in Phase 1, make sure you aren’t flying over high HP buildings (like Gold and Elixir storages) to gain access to the 2 Air Defenses. This will cause the Dragons to become greatly distracted while the rockets begin taking them down – effectively putting a stop to the 3-star attack. Take down the Air Defenses, and take them down quick quickly! In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: DragLoon is a classic OP Town Hall 8 attack strategy with a recent composition buff. It’s extremely tough to defend against, and quite easy to properly execute. Costly in Elixir, but that’s the fiery price to pay for an almost-always 3-star War attack.

Top Rated Armies | TH8 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH8 Army 4

TH8 Attack Strategies ( GoVaHo ) :

Strengths: If speed is your game, look no further. GoVaHo at Town Hall 8 can rip through bases with plenty of time left on the battle clock. Level 8 Walls are the only defensive unit that can somewhat slow down a properly-deployed GoVaHo. Tank, Spin, Jump and Splash your way to an unstoppable triple! Phase 1 – Lure + Funnel: The Kill Squad Lure and proper entry line are key to the success of GoVaHo. To find the best entry line, look for a side of the enemy’s base that has the most amount of Cannons and Archer Towers for the Golems to tank. Start the battle clock by dropping a Hog Rider within range of the Clan Castle to fully lure the troops. Drop 2 Golems on each side of your entry line with 7 Wizards trailing behind them to start the tanking and funneling. As soon as your Golems and Wizards begin combat with the defending Clan Castle troops, drop a Rage Spell on your troops and 2 Poison Spells on the defending Clan Castle troops to give your offense the advantage. Once the defending troops are down and the outer buildings have been cleared, drop your Wall Breakers to breach into the inner-compartments. Quickly spin into Phase 2! Phase 2 – Valks: Start phase 2 with dropping your Barbarian King, 3 Army Valkyries, and 3 CC Valkyries (which should be max level) behind your Golems and Wizards. They should follow the funnel right into the core of the base. Drop 1 Healing Spell once they converge and begin taking damage. Keep an eye on your Barbarian King’s health bar. If he’s level 5 or higher, activate the Royal Fist ability when his health drops below 50%. You’re now ready to Jump into Phase 3! Phase 3 – Surgical Hogs + Wizard Cleanup: Phase 3 is the final cleanup with the help of your 12 remaining Hogs. Surgically deploy 3 Hogs on 4 different defenses that are targeting your Golems and Valkyries. Once the Hogs converge, use your remaining Healing Spell to restore their health. All of the defenses should be engaged in combat now. Use your final 3 Wizards and Archer to begin sniping away any defenseless buildings. Where It Can Go Wrong: Rogue air troops (namely Balloons & Baby Dragons) left inside of the defending Clan Castle can quickly take down your Valkyries. You need to fully remove them from battle. Additionally, If your Valkyries don’t run into the core of the enemy’s base in Phase 2, surgically deploy your Hogs ahead of the path the Valks are taking in Phase 3. This will take down any defenses that may target them to keep their axe-spinning health up. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Pricey in Dark Elixir, but a very powerful and almost-always 3-star attack. GoVaHo has the firepower to take down Town Hall 8.5 and weaker Town Hall 9 bases, if that’s all you are left with in Clan War. It’s also great practice for when you level up to Town Hall 9, as GoVaHo will still be a very favorited Army.

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