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TH14 Base Layouts

Top Rated Armies | TH14 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH14 Armies

TH14 Attack Strategies ( GoYeWiBo ) :

Strengths: Ground & pound is back! This time… at Town Hall 14! GoYeWiBo is an extremely powerful ground army, coupled with the fact you’re bringing in EIGHT Earthquake Spells AND a Log Launcher. Walls won’t stand a chance here! Add in the incredibly distracting Larry’s from your Witches and Yetimites from your Yeti’s and you’ve got yourself an army that can stand up to the most powerful Town Hall 14 layouts. Before The Attack: You’ll want to double-check your Grand Warden is set to GROUND. This is a 100% ground troop army, so setting your Grand Warden to air could be disastrous if he trips a Seeking Air Mine! Next, you’ll want to assign your Mighty Yak to your Barbarian King, your Unicorn to your Archer Queen, your Electro Owl to your Grand Warden and lastly, your L.A.S.S.I to your Royal Champion. Off to the races! 🏁 Phase 1 – Quad Quake: Start by determining where your dual quad Quakes will open up a majority of the inner-compartments. It’s important that you use your dual quad Quakes in the INSIDE of the enemies base, because with the help of your Log Launcher and Mighty Yak, you’ll be able to easily breach the outer wall. Start the battle clock by dropping your dual quad Quakes. Off to Phase 2! Phase 2 – Entry Line: Your entry line should be on the far-end of the enemies Town Hall. The reason being is this ground-and-pound strategy is designed to steamroll THROUGH a base, right to the Town Hall finish line, shattering everything in its path. Start by dropping 2 Golems on both ends of the entry line, and 1 in the center. Quickly drop 1 Yeti and 1 Witch on both ends of the entry line to begin the destruction while your Golems are tanking. Quick! Onto phase 3! Phase 3 – SPAM time: Admittedly… GoYeWiBo is quite SPAM-happy! But hey… if it works, it works! Phase 3 begins by dropping the REMAINDER of your army right behind your center Golem. Once all troops are in battle, deploy your Log Launcher behind them, followed by your 4 Royals (with the appropriately assigned Pets of course.) Your Log Launcher and Mighty Yak should be able to easily breach the outer Wall to start funneling your army inside. Off to Phase 4. Phase 4 – Spells & Abilities: Phase 4 is essentially added support for your army with the helping hand of your Spells & Royal abilities. QUICKLY drop a Rage Spell where your army has converged, followed immediately by your Grand Warden ability. The reason your Grand Warden ability is popped so early is to ensure the health of your army allows them to enter the core. Pop your 1 and only Poison Spell once defending Clan Castle troops have made their way out. You should be left with 1 Freeze Spell by this point. Ideally, you want to save that for the Town Hall’s Giga Tesla / Giga Inferno. But if need-be, you can use it on Scattershots or the Eagle Artillery. Pop your Royals’ abilities once their health bar begins to quickly deplete. Where It Can Go Wrong: While GoYeWiBo is an easy attack at Town Hall 14, you’re going to have a bad time if your phase 3 army doesn’t venture inside the core. You can help to avoid this by dropping your King:Yak / Log Launcher first in phase 3. This should help breach the outer wall even quicker. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you use your Grand Warden ability SOONER rather than later. Your army in GoYeWiBo is tough on offense, but weak on defense… And we all know how quick Scattershots can chew up armies! Especially at Town Hall 14. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: If you’re new to Town Hall 14, give this a try! It’s a great army to learn the dynamics of attacking with the new addition of Royal Pets. But do remember that this is a VERY powerful ground army when deployed and timed correctly. Have fun! 😎😎

Top Rated Armies | TH14 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH14 Army 2

TH14 Attack Strategies ( Cloned WiYeti ) :

Strengths: It’s a Yetimite party and everybody’s invited! 🎉🎉 Cloned WiYeti is both a highly effective & easy-to-deploy attack strategy at Town Hall 14. With the sheer amount of Yeti & Yetimites teamed up with THREE Clone Spells, it has the firepower to flatten Anti-3 bases left and right. Great to use in Clan War, especially for those that are new to Town Hall 14. Before The Attack: Cloned WiYeti is an incredibly powerful ground army, but just be mindful of the fact that you aren’t bringing in many troops to deal with defending winged foe such as Electro Dragons or Balloons. Because of this, your Queen placement and Warden ability timing is crucial! However… if you’re using this army in Clan War on a scouted base, this may not even be a problem for you! Additionally, you want to double check your Grand Warden is set to GROUND. Let’s carry on, shall we? 🏁 Finding the Entry Line: Your entry line for Cloned WiYeti should be closest to the Eagle Artillery, and the OPPOSITE side of the defending Town Hall. Eagle Artillery mortar shells wreak havoc on Yetis and Yetimites, so we want to take it down quickly! And the reason we want to deploy on the OPPOSITE side of the Town Hall is to get the most value from the Log Launcher Logs. Time to take down that Eagle! Phase 1 – CHARGING the Eagle: Deploy 2 Yetis and 1 Wizard on each end of your Entry line. The Yetis will begin to tank for the Yetimite deployment, with the trailing Wizards cleaning up from behind. Next, it’s time for spam town! In this order, drop your remaining 11 Yetis along the entry line, Barbarian King / Yak in the middle of the line (to serve as a HEFTY tank), quickly followed by your 5 Wallbreakers, Log Launcher and remaining Royals. You should be left with 3 Wizards. Phase 2 & 3 are ALL about Royal abilities & Spell drops. Phase 2 – Abilities & Spells (part 1): With all of your Spells & abilities remaining at the start of phase 2, it’s time to quickly activate the Eternal Tome FIRST. The reason for this is you want your converged Yetis to remain strong and healthy to make it to the core of the base, along with protecting your Log Launcher and Archer Queen. The Eternal Tome will ensure just that! Once the Eternal Tome wears off, use 1 Clone Spell on a group of Yetis. This will maximize the amount of Yetimite destruction. Phase 3 – Abilities & Spells (part 2): The most important part of phase 3 is dropping a Clone Spell RIGHT on top of your downed Log Launcher. By this point, it should be reaching CLOSE to the defending Town Hall. The Clone Spell on top of the two Log Launcher Yetis along with a Rage Spell should quickly take down the defending Town Hall and pesky Giga Inferno. Follow this up with using your remaining Clone Spell and Queen / King / Champion abilities when their health bar begins to quickly drop. Your Poison Spell should be used on defending Clan Castle troops. Use the remaining 3 Wizards to help clean up trash buildings around the perimeter. Where It Can Go Wrong: Defending air troops could be a disaster for this attack! ESPECIALLY if your Archer Queen doesn’t take them out of the battle early. This is why popping your Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability early is so crucial to success; it keeps your Queen alive throughout the Clan Castle troop destruction. As we mentioned before, this may not be an issue in regular Clan War on a base that’s been pre-scouted. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: VERY quick and easy to deploy attack at Town Hall 14, but don’t let that ease fool you! Cloned WiYeti easily has the firepower to mow down the top bases in Clan War and Clan War League. As long as you’re mindful of defending air troops, and can time your abilities and Spell drops properly, Cloned WiYeti will more often than not end in success. As always… Friendly Challenges are encouraged! Especially to help you time the Clone Spell drops for the real deal Clan War attacks.

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TH14 Attack Strategies ( Bat Wave LaLoon ) :

Strengths: LaLoon… One of the most iconic attack strategies in the history of Clash of Clans! Loved and revered by clashers since 2014 (the year Lava Hounds were introduced. #FunFact!) Now add a maxed Bat Wave and Hero Pets into the mix, and you’ve got yourself an air army that can flatten MAXED OUT Town Hall 14 bases! The strength in Bat Wave LaLoon resides in the sheer amount of air-based distraction it deploys. Point-defenses such as Air Defenses, Archer Towers and X-Bows won’t stand a chance. As long as you keep air splash (Scattershots & Wizard Towers… we’re looking at you!) frozen once Bat Waves approach, you’ll fare very well for a triple! Before The Attack: First thing’s first, set your Grand Warden to air. If he’s set to target ground, you’re gonna have a bad time! Determine your entry line by finding an outer-compartment that holds a Scattershot or Eagle Artillery. Taking one of these defenses down with a kill squad makes the Freeze Spell deployments easier to time later on in the battle. Phase 1 – Sui King & Queen: Two Baby Dragons and your King and Queen will be used to breach the outer-compartment that holds a Scattershot or Eagle. Use 1 Baby Dragon on each end of the compartment to help funnel your King and Queen inside. With the help of the Yak, your King should be able to easily breach the outer wall, guiding your Queen in as well! Pop their abilities once their health drops to the 25% mark respectively. The objective here is taking down the Scattershot and/or Eagle Artillery (bonus points if your Queen can reach a Wizard Tower.) Time for Phase 2! Phase 2 – Air Spam: Phase 2 is relatively easy! You’re going to deploy troops all alongside the base closest to the Phase 1 breach. Drop your 5 Lava Hounds in a line, followed by your 26 Balloons, Grand Warden (again, set to AIR), Royal Champion and lastly, your Battle Blimp. Get your finger hovering over the Grand Warden ability, and pop it once your Battle Blimp starts taking damage. It’s important your Battle Blimp gets value by traveling deep into the base to drop the stored Balloons. Use your Rage Spell to give your Balloons a big boost. Let’s drop some Bats! Phase 3 – Frozen Bat Wave ❄️: Once you activate the Warden’s ability & drop your 1 and only Rage Spell, drop ALL 8 Bat Spells on the far end of the base where you started Phase 1. This will allow the Bats all to converge in devastating waves from the outside in. Next is the most important part of this attack! You want to use your 4 Freeze Spells to freeze up Wizard Towers / Scattershot / Multi-target Inferno Towers before the Bats approach. If the base you’re attacking has all 3 Inferno Towers set to multi-target, you can safely swap out 1 Bat Spell for 1 Freeze Spell. By keeping these defenses frozen, your Bats will be able to rip through the base with ease! Pop your Royal Champion ability once her health bar falls to the 50% mark. Where It Can Go Wrong: You NEED to keep your Bat Wave healthy for this attack! It’s extremely crucial for success. If Wizard Towers or Scattershots get off shots that land on your Bat Wave, a 3-star attack will be much more grim. And you don’t want that! In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: An easy-to-deploy air attack at Town Hall 14 that has the firepower to rip through any max base. Timing is crucial on Bat Wave LaLoon because you NEED to use your Freeze Spells on the right defense at the right time. A tip here is to drop Freeze Spells early, before the Bat Wave approaches. If you can time this one correctly, you’ll definitely rack up style points from your clan mates! Clash Fanatic App suggests Friendly Challenges to help you work on your Freeze Spell timing.

Top Rated Armies | TH14 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH14 Army 3

TH14 Attack Strategies ( Cloned DragLoon Rider ) :

Strengths: Cloned DragLoon Rider is a very powerful air attack that utilizes the defense-hunting preference of the Dragon Rider. Add in some Balloons, OG Dragons, 3 Clone Spells and Hero Pets, and you’ve got a very dependable air army at Town Hall 14! The best part about this attack is you won’t have to deal with the Air Sweeper, as you’ll be zapping them down right at the start. Before The Attack: Cloned DragLoon Rider is heavily reliant on two things: A proper funnel, and getting your Battle Blimp to the Town Hall. Keep this in mind when you’re in battle! Your entry line should be on the OPPOSITE side of the Town Hall. This will help you get the most value from your Battle Blimp. Additionally, you’ll be zapping the Air Sweeper, so no need to worry about getting pushed around in the air! Woo hooo!! Phase 1 – Entry Line & Funnel (part I): Phase 1 and 2 have one main objective.. To create a nice air funnel INTO the base for your main army. No need to focus on taking down a particular building. Bonus points if you can take down a multi-target Inferno Tower, but if not, no worries! Your entry line should be on the opposite side of the Town Hall, with both Air Sweepers facing the opposite direction. Start the battle by dropping 2 Lightning Spells on the Air Sweeper that faces the entry line. Follow that up by dropping your King, Queen & 1 Baby Dragon on one side of the entry line. This will help clear up about 10-15% of the base to start a funnel. Off to phase 2! Phase 2 – Funnel (part II): Phase 2 involves quickly beginning the other side of the entry line. Use 2 Baby Dragons to start clearing up the opposite end of the entry line. Keep them far enough apart so they become enraged. Lastly, drop a Dragon to further assist in creating the funnel. This end of the entry line won’t be cleared out as much as the opposite end, but that’s okay; your main army should have a nice path into the core now. Phase 3 – Main Army: Now that you have a clear funnel into the base via air troops, start by dropping your 7 Balloons (to help trip any Seeking Air Mines) along your entry line, followed by your 6 Dragons, then 5 Dragon Riders. The Dragon Riders will immediately seek out defenses, while your OG Dragons begin clearing trash buildings. Next, drop your Grand Warden (set to AIR), Royal Champion, and Battle Blimp. Drop 1 nice Clone Spell atop your main army once they’ve converged into the base. Phase 4 – Spells & Abilities: Phase 4 is all about timing your Clone Spells / Rage Spells and Grand Warden ability. You NEED to pop the Grand Warden ability once your main army (in phase 3) begins taking damage. The objective here is getting your Battle Blimp to the Town Hall so you can take it down quickly via dual Clone Spells and Rage Spell. Right before your Battle Blimp approaches the Town Hall, drop your remaining 2 Clone Spells in front (with about 70% overlap,) along with your Rage Spell. Once the Battle Blimp explodes, all 9 Balloons will be immediately dual cloned and raged, taking down the defending Town Hall in nearly an instant. Lastly, pop your Royal Champion ability once her health falls to the 20% mark, and your Archer Queen once she falls to about 50%. Hopefully by this point of the battle, she’s still got magical Unicorn protection! 🦄 Where It Can Go Wrong: Cloned DragLoon Rider can fail quickly if you don’t get your Battle Blimp (with 2 Clone Spells and Rage Spell) to the Town Hall. The Giga Inferno on Town Hall 14 is far too powerful and will melt through your army faster than you can say HOG RIDAAA! Additionally, you want to help keep your Queen alive as long as possible. She is crucial for cleanup in phase 4, and will help you get to the 3-star Clan War attack quicker. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Cloned DragLoon Rider is a fantastic strategy to avoid pounding through level 15 Walls. It’s a bit on the technical end (especially in phase 4), but when properly executed, can triple Town Hall 14 bases with relative ease! This strategy relies heavily on your Dragon Riders and Balloons, so if they’re not at max level, use a Power Potion before your battle. You’ll definitely want to Friendly Challenge with this army to familiarize yourself with the dual Clone Spell & Rage Spell drop right before your Battle Blimp pops out the 9 Balloons. Trust us… it’s worth it!!

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TH14 Attack Strategies ( Cloned Yeti Drag ) :

Strengths: Cloned Yeti Drag is a very easy to deploy army at Town Hall 14, and if you time your spells correctly, EXTREMELY effective.. even against nearly-maxed Town Hall 14 bases! Think… Mass Dragons at Town Hall 7, but with a TON more firepower 🔥. Especially effective against bases that have the Town Hall surrounded by high-tier defenses in a center-compartment. Trust us… the cloned Yeti’s will laugh at it! Before The Attack: Cloned Yeti Drag has a very odd troop request. Only 2 Yeti! The reason behind this is you’re going to be dropping 3 Clone Spells atop them. By having ONLY 2 Yetis in your Battle Blimp, this ensures you won’t be wasting valuable Clones on lower tier troops. Again, this attack strategy works very well against anti-2 bases (which are very common during Clan War League), but can certainly be used on anti-3 bases. Onto the attack, shall we?! Phase 1 – Entry Line: Phase 1 of Cloned Yeti Drag is determining the optimal entry line. If the base is an anti-3, the entry line should be on the far opposite end of the defending Town Hall (you’re going to be dropping an Eternal Tome Battle Blimp, so it should easily make it to the Town Hall.) If the base is an anti-2 with the Town Hall in the center, find the entry line that has high-tier defenses closest to it (think Scattershot and Eagle Artillery.) Phase 2 – Spammin’ the Dragons: Phase 2 actually starts the battle clock by dropping ALL 15 of your Dragons along the entry line. Immediately follow that up by dropping (in this order) your Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Royal Champion, Battle Blimp, Grand Warden (set to AIR*** this is extremely important), and lastly your Battle Blimp which houses ONLY 2 Yeti in the center of your entry line. Phase 3 of this attack is make-or-break, so listen carefully, Chief! Phase 3 – Eternal Tome: The objective in phase 3 is to activate your Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability RIGHT BEFORE the Battle Blimp flies out of the Warden’s Life Aura ring. This will ensure the Battle Blimp makes it to the Town Hall in one piece. Phase 4 – Cloned & Raged Yetis: Moving into phase 4 is just as quick as moving into phase 3. Drop your 3 Clone Spells in a small little triangle right above the defending Town Hall, immediately followed up by a Rage Spell on top. By this point, the Battle Blimp will be ready to drop the Yetis into battle, and the 4 Spells will be waiting for them! The cloned & raged Yeti should be able to take down the defending Town Hall and surrounding defenses (within the compartment) in seconds. Use your Poison Spell to help take down any stubborn Clan Castle troops. ***Note.. Be sure to check out the Where It Can Go Wrong section below. Phase 5 – Abilities & Freeze Spells: Throughout the above 4 phases, you will be sitting on 2 Freeze Spells. These are used when necessary. Typically, you’d want to drop 1 during phase 4 to help free up your cloned Yetis, but if there is higher value in freezing Scattershots or an Eagle Artillery, then do just that! Additionally, you want to pop the abilities of your King, Queen & Royal Champion once their health drops to the 25% mark. Where It Can Go Wrong: The strength of this attack relies STRICTLY on your Battle Blimp and cloned Yetis taking down the defending Town Hall. The Giga Inferno & Poison Bomb on Town Hall 14 is FAR too tough for Dragons to tackle. If you miss the Eternal Tome ability in phase 3, this attack will go downhill very quickly. Additionally, Tornado Traps can also spoil this attack by preventing your Battle Blimp from reaching the Town Hall. If this happens, save your 3 Clone Spells and 1 Rage Spell for where the Battle Blimp actually pops to try salvaging the attack. And as always, if you’re able to get a lower Town Hall to scout the base in Clan War, this will help locate the hidden Tornado Trap!! In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Very easy to deploy, provided you time your phases properly to take down the defending Town Hall and Clan Castle troops. The rest should be smooth sailing (or shall we say… smooth flying!) Phase 3 of this attack is of vital importance, so we at Clash Fanatic App recommend friendly challenges with your clan mates to help get the Eternal Tome timing down.\n

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TH14 Attack Strategies ( Queen Charge Hybrid ) :

Strengths: Hybrid is a dependable attack we all know and love. And at Town Hall 14, there are certainly no exceptions! By Queen Charging the defending Clan Castle and taking out pesky defending units (cough cough SUPER MINIONS,) your Hog Riders and Miners will have a much easier time clearing the base. Toss in a handful of Headhunters to snipe the Royals and you’ve got a dependable attack strategy at Town Hall 14! Let’s learn Queen Charge Hybrid! Before The Attack: Before dropping any troops, you want to find your entry line. This will be an edge of the base closest to the defending Clan Castle. Taking down the defending Clan Castle is CRUCIAL to Queen Charge Hybrid, because your Hog Riders and Miners are completely vulnerable to air troops; specifically (as mentioned above) the rocket blasting Super Minion. Phase 1 – QC the CC: Phase 1 of this attack puts the QC in QUEEN CHARGE Hybrid. Once you find the entry line closest to the defending Clan Castle, drop your Queen in the middle of the entry line, followed by your 5 Healers, immediately into 3 Balloons one-by-one on the same spot you dropped your Queen. The purpose of the Balloons is to trip any Seeking Air Mines that may be on the edge. Next, 1 Baby Dragon on each side of the entry line to help create the funnel while your Queen tanks most defenses. Last step of phase 1 is to drop your Super Wallbreaker on the same spot you dropped your Queen to breach the outer wall and send the Queen inside towards the Clan Castle. Quickly off to phase 2! Phase 2 – Take Down the Clan Castle: Start phase 2 by dropping a Rage Spell on your Queen Walk to help boost her health and attack strength. As soon as the defending Clan Castle troops join the battle, slow them down with your Poison Spell. Next, drop an Invisibility Spell on your Queen and Healers to save their health. As soon as that first Invisibility Spell wears off, drop the second on them. Time for phase 3! Phase 3 – Flame Flinger & King Funnel: Phase 3 is an easy one. Drop your Flame Flinger on a FAR CORNER closest to the entry line. By dropping the Flame Flinger in a far corner, it helps from defenses locking onto it which gives you the most value. Next, drop your Barbarian King on the OPPOSITE corner from your entry line. This will help you take down the base from the outside in by making a MASSIVE funnel for your Hog Riders and Miners. Onto phase 4! Phase 4 – Hybrid Time: Phase 4 is a fun one! Start by dropping ALL 15 Miners in a line from your Flame Flinger deployment spot to your King deployment spot. Next, drop ALL 14 Hog Riders on the same line, followed by 4 Headhunters right in the middle. Top it off with dropping your Grand Warden and Royal Champion right behind the Headhunters. Phase 5 is all about Spell deployment and Royal abilities. Let’s go! Phase 5 – Spells and Abilities: Phase 5 involves Spell drops and Royal abilities. You’ll want to use your Rage Spells and Healing Spells once your army has converged into groups within the core of the base. Additionally, use your Royal abilities when you see fit. We recommend using the Grand Warden ability FIRST to get the most value of the Eternal Tome, followed by the remaining abilities once the Royals health has dropped into the 25% range. Freeze Spell on the Giga Inferno or a Scattershot will provide good value. As for those remaining 3 Archers, use them to snipe down defenseless corner buildings. That’s all there is to it! Where It Can Go Wrong: Queen Charge Hybrid REQUIRES a full Clan Castle troop destruction before you send in your main army. If you fail to funnel your Queen into the Clan Castle during phase 1, this attack won’t go as planned. To help overcome this, carefully drop those Baby Dragons and Balloons during phase 1 to help guide her inside with the help of the Super Wallbreaker. If you do notice the Queen beginning to walk around the base, you can drop 1 Invisibility Spell on a building she targets to help veer her back on track in phase 1. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Queen Charge Hybrid is a STRONG attack when deployed properly. The sheer amount of defense-targeting troops can really weaken a base quickly. Especially when you’ve taken down all of the defending Clan Castle troops! If you can not train Super Wallbreakers, you can replace the Super Wallbreaker with 4 normal Wallbreakers. While this attack is very strong, it leans towards the difficult side. So we HIGHLY recommend some Friendly Challenges or loot raids before going into a Clan War attack!\n

Top Rated Armies | TH14 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH14 Army 6

TH14 Attack Strategies ( Titan Smash ) :

Strengths: Titan Smash is a FUN attack to deploy at Town Hall 14! This is due to the Electro Titan’s aura that zaps any troop or building in its path. You’ll never have to worry about those pesky little Skeleton traps with this composition! The funnel is created with a Warden walk, Flame Flinger and your Barbarian King, which sets up a nice and clear path for your Electro Titans to zap right through. Let’s learn Titan Smash! Before The Attack: Before the attack begins, you want to find two parts of the base core where your Jump Spells will provide the most value. Open up as many compartments as possible with your Jumps to let your main army breeze through the base without having to worry about level 15 Walls. Note – don’t worry about Jump Spell on an outer wall; that’s what the Super Wallbreaker is for! We recommend an entry line far from the defending Town Hall’s Giga Tesla. Onto Titan Smash! Phase 1 – Create The Funnel: Titan Smash begins with a Warden Walk on one corner of the base. Drop your Warden on the furthest corner of the base, followed by your 4 Healers to provide support. Use a Rage Spell to help him out. On the adjacent corner of the base, drop your Flame Flinger and Barbarian King. As you can see from the Pet assignment, the Unicorn is assigned to your Barbarian King. This allows him to get some health support while your Flame Flinger clears nearby defenses. Your Baby Dragon can be used to support the funneling for either the Grand Warden Walk or the Flame Flinger. Onto phase 2! Phase 2 – Queen and Breach: Start phase 2 by dropping your Archer Queen in between the Grand Warden and Flame Flinger deployment. This should aggro the Grand Warden over to the Queen to assist with his Life Aura. Next, drop your Super Wallbreaker to breach the first layer of Walls. This should start the funnel in the core for your main army. Quickly jump (literally!!) into phase 3. Phase 3 – Jump Spells and Witches: Start phase 3 by dropping your two Jump Spells on the base where it was determined most compartments would open up. Follow this up by dropping your 3 Witches behind your Archer Queen to start spawning some distracting Larry’s. That’s all there is to it! Onto the next phase! Phase 4 – Titan Smash, Spells & Abilities: It’s time for Titans! Start phase 4 by dropping your 5 Electro Titans behind your Witches, followed by your 5 Headhunters. All of these troops should be aggroing into the base towards the Jump Spells. Once they’ve converged behind enemy lines, begin using your Spells and Abilities. Start off with your Rage Spells on all of your Electro Titans. As your main army progresses through the base, use the remaining Rage Spell accordingly, with your Poison Spell on the defending Clan Castle troops. Use the Freeze Spells to tame the Giga Inferno and any single shot Inferno Towers. Royal Abilities should be used within the base. Ideally you want to use the Grand Warden Eternal Tome right before the Town Hall pops to protect your army from the devastating Poison Bomb. Just one more phase left! Phase 5 – Royal Champion: The last step is very easy. All you’re doing is dropping your Royal Champion on the OPPOSITE side of the entry line. This helps to clear up defenses that are already distracted and locked onto your main army. Once your Flame Flinger goes down and deploys the 9 Hog Riders inside, it’s smooth sailing! Where It Can Go Wrong: The funnel in phase 1 is VERY important. This helps ensure the remaining army gets drawn INTO the base and not around it. You can help prevent this by creating a big funnel in phase 1 with the Flame Flinger / King on one side, and Warden Walk on the other. Once the destruction is around 25-30%, you should have enough buildings cleared to create a proper funnel. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Titan Smash is an awesome army to use at Town Hall 14! Not only is it fun to deploy, but it is very powerful and effective. Since it mainly revolves around a proper funnel, you’ll want to practice this attack with friendly challenges on some of your clan members’ Clan War bases. If you can time this attack right, don’t be surprised when you pull in a Clan War 6-pack! ⚡

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