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TH14 Base Layouts

Top Rated Armies | TH14 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH14 Armies

TH14 Attack Strategies ( GoYeWiBo ) :

Strengths: Ground & pound makes a triumphant return at Town Hall 14 with the formidable GoYeWiBo army. This ground-based force is equipped with a potent arsenal, boasting eight Earthquake Spells and a Log Launcher that leave enemy fortifications in ruins. With the addition of distracting Larrys from Witches and Yetimites from Yetis, this army becomes a formidable force capable of challenging even the most fortified Town Hall 14 layouts.

Before The Attack: Prior to launching your assault, meticulous preparation is essential. Ensure that your Grand Warden is set to GROUND mode to avoid potential disasters. Assigning your pets strategically – Mighty Yak, Unicorn, Electro Owl, and L.A.S.S.I to respective heroes – sets the stage for a coordinated attack.

Phase 1 – Quad Quake: The assault unfolds in phases, beginning with the deployment of dual quad Quakes to open up inner compartments strategically. It’s imperative to target the inside of the enemy’s base to facilitate breaching the outer wall with the assistance of the Log Launcher and Mighty Yak.

Phase 2 – Entry Line: As the battle progresses, focus shifts towards establishing an entry line towards the enemy Town Hall. Two Golems on each end and one in the center pave the way, accompanied by Yetis and Witches to initiate destruction while Golems absorb damage.

Phase 3 – SPAM time: Phase 3 witnesses the deployment of the remainder of the army, supported by Log Launcher and Mighty Yak to breach outer defenses efficiently. This phase embraces the SPAM strategy, capitalizing on overwhelming force to overpower the enemy.

Phase 4 – Spells & Abilities: The final phase involves the strategic deployment of Spells and Royal abilities to bolster the army’s resolve. Timely deployment of a Rage Spell and Grand Warden ability ensures the army’s health as it penetrates the core, with additional support from the Poison Spell and Freeze Spell as needed.

Where It Can Go Wrong: Despite its potency, GoYeWiBo is not without vulnerabilities. Mistimed deployments or neglecting the Grand Warden’s ability could jeopardize the assault, particularly against formidable defenses like Scattershots.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: For newcomers to Town Hall 14, GoYeWiBo offers an exhilarating opportunity to master ground-based attacks with Royal Pets. However, success hinges on meticulous deployment and timing. Embrace the challenge and have fun! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

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TH14 Attack Strategies ( Cloned WiYeti ) :

Strengths: Cloned WiYeti emerges as a dynamic force at Town Hall 14, promising both effectiveness and ease of deployment. With an abundance of Yetis and Yetimites supported by THREE Clone Spells, this strategy possesses the firepower to dismantle Anti-3 bases with remarkable efficiency. Particularly advantageous for newcomers to Town Hall 14, it shines brightly in Clan War scenarios.

Before The Attack: Despite its formidable nature, Cloned WiYeti demands strategic foresight. The scarcity of troops to counter airborne adversaries like Electro Dragons or Balloons underscores the importance of precise Queen placement and Warden ability timing. However, when attacking scouted bases in Clan War, this challenge diminishes. Additionally, ensuring the Grand Warden is set to GROUND mode is essential for seamless execution.

Finding the Entry Line: Strategic placement of the entry line is paramount, situated nearest to the Eagle Artillery and diametrically opposite the defending Town Hall. This positioning maximizes the utility of Log Launcher Logs while swiftly neutralizing the Eagle’s threat.

Phase 1 – CHARGING the Eagle: Commencing the assault, Yetis and Wizards are deployed at each end of the entry line to initiate tanking and provide support. Subsequent deployment of Yetis, the Barbarian King/Yak, Wallbreakers, Log Launcher, and Royals ensures a formidable advance towards the target.

Phases 2 & 3 – Abilities & Spells: These phases pivot on the strategic utilization of Royal abilities and Spell drops. Phase 2 prioritizes the activation of the Eternal Tome to fortify the Yetis en route to the core, followed by a Clone Spell to amplify destruction. Phase 3 culminates with the deployment of a Clone Spell atop the Log Launcher, bolstered by a Rage Spell to swiftly dismantle the defending Town Hall and Giga Inferno. Remaining abilities and Spells are judiciously employed to sustain momentum.

Where It Can Go Wrong: The presence of defending air troops poses a significant threat to the success of the attack, emphasizing the critical importance of timing the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability. However, on pre-scouted bases, this challenge is mitigated, ensuring smoother execution.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Cloned WiYeti emerges as a rapid and potent offensive strategy at Town Hall 14, capable of toppling formidable bases in Clan War and Clan War League. Vigilance against airborne threats and precise timing of abilities and Spell drops are crucial for consistent success. Friendly Challenges serve as invaluable training grounds for refining execution in preparation for real Clan War engagements.

Top Rated Armies | TH14 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH14 Army 2

TH14 Attack Strategies ( Bat Wave LaLoon ) :

Strengths: LaLoon, a revered strategy in Clash of Clans history, receives a formidable upgrade with the introduction of Hero Pets and a maxed Bat Wave. This air-based army, renowned since the inception of Lava Hounds in 2014, boasts the capability to decimate even the most fortified Town Hall 14 bases. The potency of Bat Wave LaLoon lies in its ability to overwhelm defenses with a plethora of air-based distractions, rendering point-defenses such as Air Defenses, Archer Towers, and X-Bows ineffective, particularly when supported by timely Freeze Spell deployments.

Before The Attack: Strategic preparation is imperative. Ensure that the Grand Warden is set to target air units to avoid complications during the assault. Identify the entry line by targeting an outer-compartment housing a Scattershot or Eagle Artillery, as neutralizing one of these defenses with a kill squad facilitates Freeze Spell timing later in the battle.

Phase 1 – Sui King & Queen: The initial phase involves utilizing two Baby Dragons along with the King and Queen to breach the designated outer-compartment. With careful deployment, the King, guided by the Yak, breaks through the outer wall, paving the way for the Queen to target critical defenses like the Scattershot or Eagle Artillery.

Phase 2 – Air Spam: Deployment during this phase is straightforward. Troops are deployed along the base closest to the Phase 1 breach, featuring a line of Lava Hounds followed by Balloons, the Grand Warden, Royal Champion, and the Battle Blimp. Timing the Grand Warden’s ability to coincide with the Battle Blimp’s damage absorption is essential for optimal effectiveness.

Phase 3 – Frozen Bat Wave โ„๏ธ: The culmination of the assault involves unleashing the Bat Spells on the far end of the base, triggering a devastating wave of Bats. Timing is critical as Freeze Spells are deployed to immobilize key defenses such as Wizard Towers, Scattershots, or Multi-target Inferno Towers. Ensuring the health of the Bat Wave is paramount for success.

Where It Can Go Wrong: Maintaining the health of the Bat Wave is imperative for a successful outcome. Inadvertent damage from defenses like Wizard Towers or Scattershots can jeopardize the attack, leading to a less favorable outcome. Precision in Freeze Spell timing is crucial for optimal effectiveness.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Bat Wave LaLoon emerges as a potent and straightforward air attack strategy at Town Hall 14, boasting the potential to overcome even the most formidable bases. Mastery of Freeze Spell timing is paramount for success, offering an opportunity to impress clanmates with stylish execution. Friendly Challenges serve as invaluable training grounds for honing this critical skill.

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TH14 Attack Strategies ( Cloned DragLoon Rider ) :

Strengths: Cloned DragLoon Rider emerges as a formidable air attack strategy, capitalizing on the targeting preference of Dragon Riders to hunt down defenses effectively. With the addition of Balloons, OG Dragons, 3 Clone Spells, and Hero Pets, this strategy proves itself as a reliable choice for assaults at Town Hall 14. A notable advantage lies in neutralizing Air Sweepers at the outset of the battle, ensuring unhindered aerial advancement.

Before The Attack: Success with Cloned DragLoon Rider hinges on establishing a proper funnel and guiding the Battle Blimp towards the Town Hall. Positioning the entry line opposite the Town Hall maximizes the Battle Blimp’s effectiveness while eliminating concerns about Air Sweeper interference.

Phase 1 – Entry Line & Funnel (part I): The initial phases focus on creating a clear path for the main army. Lightning Spells are used to neutralize Air Sweepers, followed by the deployment of heroes and Baby Dragons to initiate the funneling process.

Phase 2 – Funnel (part II): Phase 2 expands on funnel creation, employing additional Baby Dragons and a Dragon to ensure a clear path for the main army’s advancement.

Phase 3 – Main Army: With a well-established funnel, the main army is unleashed, comprising Balloons, Dragons, and Dragon Riders. Balloons are strategically placed along the entry line to trigger Seeking Air Mines, while Dragon Riders target defenses and OG Dragons clear peripheral structures.

Phase 4 – Spells & Abilities: Timing becomes crucial in Phase 4 as Clone Spells, Rage Spells, and Grand Warden abilities are synchronized to optimize the Battle Blimp’s impact on the Town Hall. Precise execution is necessary to ensure the Battle Blimp reaches its target, supported by the deployment of Clone Spells and a Rage Spell for maximum devastation. Royal Champion and Archer Queen abilities are strategically utilized to sustain the assault.

Where It Can Go Wrong: Failure to guide the Battle Blimp effectively to the Town Hall poses a significant risk to the success of the attack, particularly considering the formidable defenses like the Giga Inferno. Additionally, preserving the Queen’s longevity is essential for successful cleanup in the latter stages of the assault.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Cloned DragLoon Rider offers a potent alternative to conventional strategies, bypassing the challenge of level 15 Walls. While technical proficiency is required, particularly in Phase 4, mastery of this strategy can lead to consistent triple attacks at Town Hall 14. Familiarizing oneself with the intricacies of the dual Clone Spell and Rage Spell drop through Friendly Challenges is recommended for optimal execution.

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TH14 Attack Strategies ( Cloned Yeti Drag ) :

Strengths: Cloned Yeti Drag emerges as a straightforward yet highly effective army composition at Town Hall 14, capable of delivering devastating blows even against heavily fortified bases. Comparable to the overwhelming power of Mass Dragons at lower Town Hall levels, this strategy boasts considerable firepower, particularly effective against bases with centralized high-tier defenses.

Before The Attack: Cloned Yeti Drag requires a peculiar troop arrangement, with only 2 Yeti requested. This ensures optimal utilization of Clone Spells, crucial for assaulting anti-2 bases prevalent in Clan War League. The attack can also be adapted for anti-3 bases, providing versatility in deployment.

Phase 1 – Entry Line: The initial phase involves selecting the entry line strategically based on the base layout. For anti-3 bases, the entry line should be positioned opposite the defending Town Hall, facilitating the deployment of an Eternal Tome Battle Blimp. In anti-2 bases, the entry line should prioritize high-tier defenses closest to the Town Hall.

Phase 2 – Spamminโ€™ the Dragons: Phase 2 marks the commencement of the assault by deploying all 15 Dragons along the entry line. Subsequent deployments include heroes, Battle Blimp containing 2 Yeti, and Grand Warden (set to AIR). Proper sequencing is critical for maximizing effectiveness.

Phase 3 – Eternal Tome: Phase 3 focuses on activating the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability precisely before the Battle Blimp exits the Life Aura ring. This ensures the Battle Blimp’s safe passage to the Town Hall.

Phase 4 – Cloned & Raged Yetis: Phase 4 involves swift execution, with Clone Spells and a Rage Spell deployed directly above the defending Town Hall. The cloned and raged Yeti swiftly neutralize the Town Hall and surrounding defenses. A Poison Spell aids in handling Clan Castle troops.

Phase 5 – Abilities & Freeze Spells: Throughout the assault, Freeze Spells are reserved for critical moments, such as freeing up cloned Yetis or incapacitating key defenses. Hero abilities are activated as necessary to sustain the attack.

Where It Can Go Wrong: The success of the attack hinges heavily on the Battle Blimp and cloned Yetis’ ability to eliminate the defending Town Hall. Mistiming the Eternal Tome ability or encountering Tornado Traps can derail the assault. Lower Town Hall scouting can help identify hidden traps and mitigate risks.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Cloned Yeti Drag offers a user-friendly yet potent strategy for Town Hall 14 assaults, provided phases are executed with precision. Practice through friendly challenges is recommended to master crucial timings and ensure consistent success in battles.

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TH14 Attack Strategies ( Queen Charge Hybrid ) :

Strengths: Queen Charge Hybrid stands out as a reliable and beloved attack strategy, even at Town Hall 14. By initiating a Queen Charge to neutralize defending Clan Castle troops, particularly the formidable Super Minions, this strategy sets the stage for the subsequent onslaught of Hog Riders and Miners, supported by Headhunters for eliminating enemy Heroes. The combination of these forces delivers a potent and versatile assault capable of dismantling even heavily fortified bases.

Before The Attack: The key to success lies in identifying the entry line closest to the defending Clan Castle, essential for eliminating air threats that pose a significant danger to the main army. Securing this crucial step ensures the safety and effectiveness of the subsequent phases.

Phase 1 – QC the CC: The initial phase focuses on executing the Queen Charge, central to the strategy’s success. Dropping the Queen at the designated entry line, along with supporting Healers and Balloons to clear potential threats, sets the stage for breaching the outer wall with a Super Wallbreaker. This maneuver directs the Queen towards the Clan Castle, initiating the critical Clan Castle takedown.

Phase 2 – Take Down the Clan Castle: Phase 2 commences with boosting the Queen’s offensive capabilities with a Rage Spell while neutralizing Clan Castle troops with a Poison Spell. Invisibility Spells safeguard the Queen and Healers, ensuring their sustained engagement against enemy forces.

Phase 3 – Flame Flinger & King Funnel: Phase 3 involves deploying the Flame Flinger strategically to maximize its utility in distracting defenses. Simultaneously, positioning the Barbarian King on the opposite corner creates a funnel, guiding the main army towards the core of the base.

Phase 4 – Hybrid Time: Phase 4 marks the deployment of the main army, with Miners, Hog Riders, and Headhunters unleashed in a coordinated assault. The Barbarian King’s funneling role further enhances the effectiveness of the attack.

Phase 5 – Spells and Abilities: In the final phase, strategic deployment of Rage Spells and Healing Spells supports the converging army’s progress into the core. Royal abilities, particularly the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome, provide crucial protection and sustainment. Freeze Spells target high-value defenses, while remaining Archers handle peripheral buildings.

Where It Can Go Wrong: Success hinges on effectively neutralizing Clan Castle troops during Phase 1. Failure to funnel the Queen properly may derail the attack. Strategic use of spells and adjustments to the Queen’s path can mitigate potential deviations from the plan.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Queen Charge Hybrid emerges as a formidable attack strategy, capable of swiftly weakening bases when executed correctly. While challenging, the strategy’s effectiveness warrants practice through Friendly Challenges or loot raids before deploying it in Clan War contexts.

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TH14 Attack Strategies ( Titan Smash ) :

Strengths: Titan Smash proves to be an exhilarating and effective attack strategy at Town Hall 14, thanks to the overwhelming power of the Electro Titans and the supportive funneling provided by the Warden walk and Flame Flinger. This composition eliminates concerns over pesky traps, ensuring a smooth path for the main army to wreak havoc.

Before The Attack: Strategically identifying two key areas in the base core for optimal Jump Spell placement sets the stage for the Titan Smash. By using Jump Spells to open multiple compartments, the main army can navigate through the base with ease, bypassing formidable level 15 Walls. Additionally, initiating the attack from a distance away from the defending Town Hall’s Giga Tesla provides a strategic advantage.

Phase 1 – Create The Funnel: The initial phase kicks off with a Warden Walk on one corner of the base, supported by Healers to sustain his progress. Meanwhile, the Flame Flinger and Barbarian King establish a clear funnel on the adjacent corner, facilitated by the assigned Unicorn providing health support. The Baby Dragon aids in funneling for either the Warden Walk or the Flame Flinger, enhancing the effectiveness of the initial funneling process.

Phase 2 – Queen and Breach: Phase 2 begins with the deployment of the Archer Queen between the Grand Warden and Flame Flinger, drawing the Grand Warden’s assistance with his Life Aura. The Super Wallbreaker is then utilized to breach the initial layer of Walls, initiating the core funnel for the main army.

Phase 3 – Jump Spells and Witches: Phase 3 involves strategically placing Jump Spells to open predetermined compartments, facilitating the progression of the main army. Additionally, deploying Witches behind the Archer Queen spawns distracting skeletons, further supporting the army’s advance.

Phase 4 – Titan Smash, Spells & Abilities: Phase 4 unleashes the Electro Titans and Headhunters into the fray, guided by the Jump Spells towards enemy defenses. Rage Spells empower the Electro Titans as they carve through the base, while Freeze Spells control high-value targets like the Giga Inferno and Inferno Towers. Royal Abilities provide additional firepower within the base, with the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome offering crucial protection against the Town Hall’s devastating Poison Bomb.

Phase 5 – Royal Champion: The final phase involves deploying the Royal Champion on the opposite side of the entry line to clear distracted defenses. As the Flame Flinger deploys Hog Riders within the base, the path to victory becomes increasingly clear.

Where It Can Go Wrong: Phase 1’s funneling is paramount to the success of Titan Smash. Ensuring a robust funnel early on prevents the main army from veering off course. Practice and precision in creating this funnel are essential to avoid potential pitfalls.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Titan Smash stands out as a thrilling and potent attack strategy at Town Hall 14. While its effectiveness hinges on proper funneling, mastering this approach through friendly challenges on Clan War bases can lead to impressive results, potentially securing a 6-pack in Clan Wars.

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