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Welcome to CopyCocBases! Your ultimate destination for mastering Clash of Clans TH10 attack strategies. As avid players ourselves, we understand the pivotal role that effective strategies play in the game. Our meticulously crafted guides and unbeatable armies empower you to conquer any opponent at Town Hall 10. Whether it’s a surgical Hog Rider approach, electrifying Electro Dragons, or a relentless Queen Walk, we’ve got you covered. Our passion for Clash of Clans drives us to deliver the best, ensuring your victory. Join us at CopyCocBases and elevate your TH10 attacks to the next level. Victory awaits – strategize, attack, conquer!

TH10 Base Layouts

Top Rated Armies | TH10 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH10 Armies

TH10 Attack Strategies ( GoBo LavaLoon ) :

Strengths: When you master the art of GoBo LavaLoon, you’ll be eating donut bases for breakfast, lunch and dinner. An attack with an extremely powerful ground Kill Squad, then a destructive Phase 2 cleanup from the skies. Level 11 Walls look great on defense; they look even better when you’re flying over them into the core! Phase 1 – Ground-based Kill Squad: The 3 objectives of phase 1 are to take down 2 Air Defenses, the defending Clan Castle troops, and Archer Queen. It may sound like an ambitious objective, but you’ll breeze right through it if you find the correct entry line. (Tip – find the Archer Queen and locate 2 Air Defenses nearest to her. That should be the entry line you want to breach.) Start by dropping 2 Golems 4 buildings apart on your entry line. Then stagger 5 Wizards behind them to clear out trash buildings while they begin creating a funnel. Deploy your Wall Breakers in the center of your Golems to breach the outer wall. Once the Wizards take down distracting trash buildings, send in the Wall Wrecker, Barbarian King and Archer Queen. The goal here is to get the Bowlers and Royals to walk into the base, not around it. With the help of the Wall Wrecker, you should be able to check this step! The defending Clan Castle troops and AQ should be engaged in battle by this point. Drop a Rage Spell on your Kill Squad and a Poison Spell on the defending CC troops. Activate your Royals’ ability when their health drops to 25%. Phase 2 – Main Air Army: Your Kill Squad should have caused about 20-30% damage. But more important than overall damage percentage is the destruction of 2 Air Defenses, all defending Clan Castle troops and the Archer Queen. Start Phase 2 by dropping 2 Lava Hounds near the third Air Defense. Once the Lava Hounds begin to take fire, send in 6 Balloons with a Haste Spell to speed their paths towards the AD’s surrounding defensive buildings. Follow this same procedure for the fourth and final Air Defense with your last Balloon. Use your 2 Rage Spells once larger groups of Balloons converge, and use your Freeze Spell on a nearby attacking Inferno Tower. The goal with the 2 Rage Spells and 3 Haste Spells is to not have any of them overlap on the base. This will maximize the coverage for quicker Balloon movement which is key to cleanup. When your 3 Lava Hounds pop, there will be helpful Lava Pups to fly you to the triple. Where It Can Go Wrong: GoBo LavaLoon is won or lost in Phase 2. To assist Phase 2 as much as possible, make sure your Kill Squad completes all of the Phase 1 objectives. Air-targeting X-Bows and single target Inferno Towers can add extra difficulty to Phase 2, but can be combated with proper Spell deployment. It’s also crucial that you keep your eye on the battle clock. Since the final-cleanup Balloons are very slow-moving, you want to spend about 1 minute on Phase 1 to give Phase 2 a solid 2 minutes. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Since the attack speed buff to Balloons, GoBo LavaLoon serves as a very powerful Town Hall 10 hybrid attack. It’s gaining massive War attack popularity due to the destructive combination of Haste Spells and Balloons. This will take numerous runs to get the 3-star timing down correctly, so it’s highly advised you practice on Raids and friendly challenges before jumping into a War attack.

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TH10 Attack Strategies ( Drag LaLoon ) :

Strengths: What’s the biggest kryptonite to Dragons? That’s right, Air Defenses. What happens when you destroy 3 Air Defenses with your Kill Squad before sending in the Dragons? That’s right, a successful War attack. Even at Town Hall 10, this attack has enough firepower (get it?!) to pull a 3-star. Just be sure to keep the defending Inferno Towers nice and frozen (with your Freeze Spells of course 🥶), as they will quickly burn through anything within range. 🔥🔥🔥 Phase 1 – Kill Squad: The objective of Phase 1 is to ZapQuake (THREE Lightning Spells & ONE Earthquake Spell) 2 Air Defenses while using your Royals, Wizards and Wall Breakers to reach a third. The two Air Defenses that you ZapQuake should be in the toughest-to-reach spots on the map (most likely in the core of the base). Once you determine the closest Air Defense that your Kill Squad ground troops can reach, drop your Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and 4 wizards outside of the Royals’ range to funnel towards the AD. Once the Barbarian King begins attacking the wall, carefully drop your 2 Wall Breakers to assist in the breach. Pop both abilities when your Royals are approaching the Air Defense. Phase 2 – Main Air Army: With only 1 more Air Defense standing, it’s time to send in the flying artillery. Drop your Clan Castle Lava Hound right on the outside edge of the base where you plan on entering from (closest to the fourth Air Defense.) The reason you drop it on the outside edge is to trigger as many Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines as you can (which is also the same reason you’re using a normal Clan Castle, and not a Siege Machine.) Once the Lava Hound begins tanking the Air Defense and Archer Towers, send in your 10 Dragons in a line, with the 4 Balloons trailing behind. The last item you can deploy is your Rage Spell. Drop it slightly in front of a large group of Dragons and Balloons. Ideally, drop it when your Army is close to an Inferno Tower and/or Air Sweeper. Where It Can Go Wrong: This War attack won’t be as successful if you don’t destroy the third Air Defense with your Kill Squad. Donut bases with both Inferno Towers in the core may cause trouble if your Dragons fly around the outside while taking continued Inferno damage; your Freeze Spells likely won’t last long enough to keep your army safe. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: DragLaLoon is one of the few Town Hall 10 War attacks where luring the defending Clan Castle isn’t crucial, as your Dragons will quickly take care of them. The attack speed buff to your air troops make this a tough attack to defend against, even at TH 10. As long as you’re cautious with the above “where it can go wrong” items, you stand a good chance at a relatively easy TH 10 3-star attack.

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TH10 Attack Strategies ( Penta LavaLoon ) :

Strengths: A very powerful air attack, even against high level Royals. Penta LavaLoon brings in 7 Hastes and a Rage, allowing the Balloons and Lava Pups to zip across the map, dealing quick and massive destruction from above. Once all defences have been taken care of, it’s a matter of moments before the 3-star flies in. If your X-Bows are still all ground-targeted, now is a good time to change them to air in hopes of defending Penta LavaLoon! Phase 1 – CC Lure & AD Funnel: The objective in Phase 1 is to lure out defending Clan Castle troops, then funnel a path towards an easy-to-reach Air Defense with your Royals. Start your Penta LavaLoon attack by dropping 1 Balloon near the Clan Castle trigger ring to lure. Defending high-DPS air troops like Dragons and Baby Dragons can slow down your attack while in the core, so it’s advantageous to deal with them early. Once the Balloon drops, send in your Royals as close to an Air Defense as possible. They will be able to get several shots off at defending buildings before engaging with the CC troops. Drop a Poison Spell once the defending Clan Castle troops begin hitting your Royals. Pop both abilities when their health bars drop into the red. By the time your Royals go down, they would have cleared away some buildings and defenses to open a path towards the AD. Phase 2 – Hasted Loons: The objective in Phase 2 is to have your 5 Lava Hounds tank air damage while your Balloons destroy defenses under Haste. Start by dropping 1 Army Lava Hound then your Stone Slammer (housing a Hound) towards the Air Defense you funneled towards in Phase 1. Follow the Hounds up with 6 Balloons and a Haste Spell to speed up their path. Next, drop 1 more Lava Hound towards the next-closest Air Defense, with another 5 Balloons and Haste. With your remaining 2 Lava Hounds and 12 Balloons, use 1 Hound and 6 Balloons with Haste on each of the remaining 2 Air Defenses. Your available Army should be down to 3 Haste Spells, 1 Rage Spell and 2 Freeze Spells. Use the Haste Spells to speed up the Balloons movement over the map, while making an effort not to overlap Spells. Use your Rage Spell when a large group of Balloons converge. Finally, use your Freeze Spells on Inferno Towers that lock onto your Balloons. Once all defenses are down, it’s up to the Lava Pups and Balloons to perform the final cleanup. Where It Can Go Wrong: If the enemy has both Inferno Towers set to single target, you will need to replace 2 Haste Spells for 1 more Freeze Spell. Single target Inferno Towers will burn through your Lava Hound tanks too quickly. Penta LavaLoon at Town Hall 10 produces the best results with level 3 Lava Hounds and level 6 Balloons, so make sure your air offense is tough enough for the battle. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: A very popular air-based War attack that’s challenging to defend against, especially with all of the flying HP delivered by the Stone Slammer. Timing your spells properly in Penta LavaLoon will almost always lead you to a 3-star attack. Even at Town Hall 10.

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TH10 Attack Strategies ( GoVaBo ) :

Strengths: GoVaBo works as a very strong multi-phase hybrid attack at Town Hall 10. The powerful Kill Squad and quad-Quake opens an easy Valkyrie path to the core. With 3 Rage Spells on deck, you’ll be furiously spinning through enemy’s bases right towards those War stars. Phase 1 – Kill Squad & CC Lure: Phase 1 is extremely important in GoVaBo, because lone air troops (such as Baby Dragons or Balloons) can quickly take down your entire Valkyrie Army. The objective of Phase 1 is creating a wide funnel for your Valkyries while taking down all defending Clan Castle troops. Start by determining where a quad-Quake can open up a majority of the base. Once that area is located, you’ll want to drop the 4 Earthquake Spells and begin clearing a path towards it starting from your entry line. (Your entry line should be on a part of the map that has the easiest-accessible walls.) Drop 1 Baby Dragon in the center of your entry line, then 1 Baby Dragon on each end of the line. Important – Baby Dragons must be deployed at least 2 buildings apart to ensure they stay enraged. Once the Baby Dragons are all deployed and begin clearing buildings, send in your Golem right in the center of the entry line, with 7 Wizards trailing behind. Carefully drop your Wall Breakers for the Golem to breach the outer wall. (When dropping Wall Breakers, always time the deployment in between Mortar shells and Wizard Tower shots.) Finish off the Kill Squad with your BK, AQ and Wall Wrecker (with Bowlers.) Once the enemy’s Clan Castle troops become engaged, drop a rage spell slightly in front of your Kill Squad. Keep a close eye on your Royals’ health bars; pop their abilities when their health drops in the red. Time to quickly spin into Phase 2! Phase 2 – Valkyrie Rage: Send in all of your Valkyries funneling right to the core. They should be raged from running through the first Rage Spell you dropped in Phase 1. Once they get past the Kill Squad, drop another Rage Spell where they’re heading to. Continue pathing the Valkyries through the base with your final Rage Spell. Deploy the Freeze Spells when an Inferno Tower locks onto a pack of offense. Note – depending on where the Inferno Towers are located, you may need to use your Freeze Spells earlier in the battle. Between any remaining troops from your Kill Squad and the pack of Valkyries, the 3-star cleanup will be extremely fast. Often times, the 3-star GoVaBo is executed in under 2 minutes. Where It Can Go Wrong:\nAs with most Valkyrie-based ground armies, guiding them into the core of the base can be tricky. Make sure the Valkyrie’s don’t go rogue and run around the base. Get them into the core by clearing a wide open funnel with your Kill Squad & Wall Wrecker. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: If you can fully destroy all defending Clan Castle air troops, along with properly funneling the Valkyries, GoVaBo will be able to quickly take down the peskiest Town Hall 10 bases. Including the dreaded donut.

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TH10 Attack Strategies ( Bowler Walk ) :

Strengths: Bowler splash is tough to defend against. Add 21 of them, 6 healers, a couple drops of Rage, and a quad Quake, and defending against Bowlers gets considerably tougher. Bowler Walk is a Dark Elixir costly War attack, but has the power to take down top Town Hall 10’s. Great attack against compartment-heavy War bases, since the quad Quake will open them all up. Time to go bowling for some strikes! Phase 1 – Planning the Quad Quake: Planning your entry line is very crucial for a successful Bowler Walk. Study the war base for an area that quad Quakes will open most of the core. You also want to make sure that when you quad Quake that area, you’ll be able to breach through just 1 outer wall. For example – you don’t want to quad Quake an area of the core, only to have 2 more outer walls to break through before you reach the quaked area. This army has room for only 5 Wall Breakers, so you want to maximize their efficiency by breaching just 1 wall. Phase 2 – CC Takedown with your Kill Squad: When you determine the ideal quad Quake placement, find the spot that the 5 Wall Breakers will be able to breach the outer Wall. That will be the center of your 5-building long entry line. Start the battle clock by quad Quaking the core. Follow that up with 7 Bowlers and 2 healers on EACH end of the entry line. Once they begin clearing a funnel, drop your Battle Blimp in the middle of the entry line, IMMEDIATELY followed by your King, Queen, and 5 Wizards trailing behind. Once all these troops are down, carefully deploy your 5 Wall Breakers to breach the outer Wall. Defending Clan Castle troops will be engaged & distracted by the Golem that the Blimp delivered. Rage Spell your Kill Squad, and drop 2 Poison Spells on the defending troops. This battle won’t last long, no matter what troops are in the defending Clan Castle. Use your Freeze Spells when your Kill Squad encroaches in range of Inferno Towers. Phase 3 – Final Bowler Walk:\nYour army should be down to 7 Bowlers, 2 Healers and a Rage Spell. Perform one final Bowler Walk (7 Giants / 1 Healer) on an outer edge of the base where your Kill Squad hasn’t reached yet. Use the final Rage Spell once your core troops approach the second Inferno Tower. Cleanup process has begun! Sit back and watch the boulders fly. Where It Can Go Wrong: Bowlers are a curious troop. They sometimes like to explore the outside of the base, rather than sticking with their fellow comrades. If they begin drifting away, Healers may follow them, rather than staying with your Kill Squad. Combat this by tightly and quickly deploying your Bowlers and 2 Healers to keep the groups smaller. Additionally, you want to make sure Inferno Towers don’t lock onto your troops. Use your Royals abilities when their health drops to 50% (ideally in the core of the base) to help take down Infernos much quicker. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: This is bowling. There are rules. Bowler Walk is a great Town Hall 10 Army that leaves your enemies face down in the muck. They are most effective on bases that are very spread out, as the length of splash damage can take down multiple layers of defense. Keep your troops away from Inferno Towers, and you’ll finish your frame… er…. War attack with 2 stars or a Triple. Dude! 🎳

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TH10 Attack Strategies ( Zap Dragon ) :

Strengths: Zap Dragon is a VERY dependable attack strategy at Town Hall 10. By taking down TWO Air Defenses right at the start, your army will mainly just need to deal with the remaining two Air Defenses and Archer Queen. Luckily for you, your main army should easily overwhelm these units, right to the three star victory! ⭐⭐⭐ Let’s learn Zap Dragon. Phase 1 – Planning the Zaps: With FOUR Air Defenses, choosing two to Zap is crucial! The easy way to determine this is finding Air Sweepers that are pointing towards an Air Defense. Those are the Air Defenses you want to Zap. The reason for this is your army will be attacking from the Air Sweepers blindside, and you won’t have to worry about your air troops being pushed around for most of the battle 🌬️! Start by dropping 3 Lightning Spells on one of the Air Defenses. If it doesn’t go down with 3, drop 1 more Lightning Spell on it. Do the same with the other Air Defense. You should be left with 2 defending Air Defenses, and MAYBE an extra Lightning Spell or two. If you do have extras, drop them on the defending Archer Queen to weaken her up. Off to phase 2! Phase 2 – Begin the Funnel: Phase 2 begins on an entry line opposite of where the Air Sweepers are pointing. You want to use your 2 Baby Dragons to begin funneling by clearing outside non-defense buildings. Once the Baby Dragons are down, surgically drop 5 Balloons, 1 at a time on different points of the entry line to trip any Air Mines. The objective here is to clear a path for your Dragons with as little hidden air traps as possible. Time for phase 3! Phase 3 – Send in the Dragons: With your remaining 7 Balloons, deploy them on your entry line. Follow that up by deploying your remaining 8 Dragons, King and Queen. The 7 Balloons are simply used to trip even MORE Air Mines for your Balloons while tanking lower-HP defenses like the Archer Towers. The Dragons should now be doing the heavy lifting of the attack. Drop your Rage Spell on your Dragons once they’ve converged deep within the enemy base. Drop a Poison Spell on the defending CC troops and/or Archer Queen. This strictly depends on what defending troops come out of the Clan Castle. Use your Royal abilities once their health has dropped below 25%. Let’s finish this attack up with phase 4! Phase 4 – Stone Slammer: Phase 4 is simple. The only thing you have to drop is your Stone Slammer. Drop it as close to a defending Inferno Tower as possible. Single target inferno towers are ideal. Once the Slammer goes down, the defending Inferno Tower will be overwhelmed with Balloons for the easy fall. Smooth sailing from here! Where It Can Go Wrong: Avoiding the Air Sweepers is quite crucial to this attack. Balloons and Dragons are notorious for getting pushed around by Sweepers. If you deploy your army within range of the Air Sweepers, your Dragons and Balloons won’t be able to take down buildings as intended. Additionally, you want to make sure you take down the Air Defenses with as few Lightning Spells as possible. This will ensure you get great value by conserving the leftover Lightning Spells for another defense… like the Archer Queen! In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: A dependable attack strategy at Town Hall 10, even for Clan War League! It has the firepower to take down maxed Town Hall 10 bases if deployed correctly. Give this one a few practice runs with friendly challenges before going into War. Doing so will help you path your phase 2 funnel and phase 3 army drop. Copy this Zap Dragon army to your game by pressing the Copy button below!

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TH10 Attack Strategies ( GoBo Ice Witch ) :

Strengths: GoBo Ice Witch is POWERFUL. Not only are the troops ALL from the Dark Barracks, but you’re also bringing in FOUR units that can freeze the enemy base (2 Ice Golems & 2 Freeze Spells.) This will work wonders when dealing with the pesky Inferno Towers and defending Archer Queen. Excellent attack strategy to use in Clan War, provided you keep your Queen nice and safe to deal with any Dragons or Balloons that may be lurking in the defending Clan Castle. Let’s take a moment to learn GoBo Ice Witch. Phase 1 – Entry Line: Your entry line for troop deployment should be as close to the defending Clan Castle and Archer Queen as possible. This will allow your 2 Golems and Wall Wrecker to tank for much of the enemies defense, while your main army trails behind for MASSIVE amounts of cleanup! Start the attack by dropping 1 Golem on each side of the entry line, immediately followed by your Wall Wrecker in the center of your Golems. Time for phase 2! Phase 2 – BoWitch and Royals:\nBegin phase 2 by dropping your Bowlers in a line behind your Golems and Wall Wrecker ⚠️ONLY AFTER⚠️ the Wall Wrecker has breached the first layer of Walls. This will help ensure the remainder of your army goes inside the base and not around it. Next, drop a line of Witches on the same line. Once 5-7 seconds have passed and buildings along the entry line are cleared, finish phase 2 by dropping your King and Queen in the same spot you dropped your Wall Wrecker. Easy enough! Now let’s finish this attack off with some Spells in phase 3. Phase 3 – Spell Time: With all of your army deployed, phase 3 is all about Spell timing. Rage Spell your army once your troops have converged within the base. Drop your Heal Spell on them as well to restore their health. Drop your Freeze Spells on the defending Clan Castle troops AND Archer Queen / Inferno Tower. You’ll want to use the remaining spells accordingly based on how the attack is playing out. Use your Rage Spells IN FRONT of a large pack of your troops to help them zip through the base. Use your Jump Spell to open more compartments deep within the enemy base. Where It Can Go Wrong: As with most ground attacks that rely on a funnel, this attack can get spoiled very quickly if your troops go around the base instead of inside. As we mentioned above, this can be avoided by waiting until your Wall Wrecker breaches the first layer or two layers of defending Walls. By doing so, your troops and Royals should funnel nicely inside. Additionally, you want to make sure you use your Queens ability on air troops that may pop out of the defending Clan Castle. Especially an E-Dragon or Balloons. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: An excellent attack strategy to use because you don’t have to worry about luring out enemy troops from the Clan Castle. You’re charging it with PLENTY of firepower that can take care of any troops inside. GoBo Ice Witch relies heavily on a proper troop funnel and spell deployment, so we recommend some friendly challenges to get used to the timing. Copy this GoBo Ice Witch army to your game by pressing the Copy button below!

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