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Best TH7 Attack Strategies & Army Link – 2023


Welcome to Copycocbases! Dive into the ultimate Clash of Clans TH7 attack strategies hub, where victory is crafted. Our treasure trove of knowledge offers the best-in-class TH7 attack strategies and armies, empowering you to conquer your rivals with finesse. Unleash the potential of your troops and defenses, as we guide you through expertly designed approaches that ensure triumph in every battle. From proven techniques to finely tuned armies, our platform equips you with the arsenal you need to thrive at Town Hall 7. Elevate your Clash of Clans experience with Copycocbases and reign supreme on the battlefield!

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Top Rated Armies | TH7 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH7 Armies

TH7 Attack Strategies ( GiWi ) :

Strengths: GiWi is a high HP 3-star War composition. Since you can’t yet take a Golem into battle at Town Hall 7, you can substitute with 20 Level 4 Giants which equals 10,400 HP. Add several thousand more HP when you include the 4 CC Giants. Town Hall 7 defenses will take some time to bring down all of this tank, while the rest of your offense destroys from the outside in. Phase 1 – Lure: Luring at Town Hall 7 is important, because you must assume there is a max Dragon or Baby Dragon / Valkyrie hiding inside the enemy’s Clan Castle. Start the lure by dropping a Hog Rider if the Clan Castle trigger ring is protected. If the trigger ring is out in the open, you can replace the Hog Rider with a Giant. Once the defending CC troops are out in battle, send in 3 of your Giants to tank and 5 Wizards behind the Giants to bring down the troops. Use your 15 Archers to snipe any outer buildings (Builder’s Huts / Army Camps / Barracks / Gold Mines / Elixir Collectors / etc.) Phase 2 Surgical Giants & Wizards: Now that the defending Clan Castle troops are taken care of, it’s time to surgically deploy 4 Giants + 3-4 trailing Wizards along the entry line. The objective is to have packs of Giants tanking defenses while the Wizards zap a clean path to the core. Use your Wall Breakers to breach the outer walls. When a pack of 5+ Giants converge, drop a Rage Spell slightly in front of them to boost their defense destruction. Use your 2 Healing Spells whenever packs of Giants are losing splash health from Wizard Towers or Mortars. Finish off the battle by dropping in your stronger CC Giants, Barbarian King, and any remaining Wizards to snipe your way to the triple! Where It Can Go Wrong: The main kryptonite in GiWi is not fully luring the enemy Clan Castle. A rogue Baby Dragon can quickly take down all of your Giants, leaving your Wizards without any protection. GiWi is also not the fastest strategy, so the battle clock may run out, leaving you with a 2-star. Combat this by saving at least 5 wizards for the cleanup process at the end of Phase 2. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: A very ‘tanky’ attack strategy for TH7 players in war. Slow, but very effective. It’s also excellent practice for multi-phase attacks early on, because from here-on-out, most 3-star War attacks will require multiple phases.

Top Rated Armies | TH7 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH7 Army 1

TH7 Attack Strategies ( Mass Dragon ) :

Strengths: Mass Dragon at Town Hall 7 is one of the easiest attack strategies you can execute. It’s a costly 3-star attack, but nonetheless, a 3-star attack. And stars are the name of the game in Clan War, no matter the price. Phase 1 – The only phase: Drop all 10 Dragons in a line closest to 2 of the 3 Air Defenses. Then drop your 11th Dragon from your Clan Castle. Rage Spell your Dragons once they approach the Air Defenses. Use 1 rage spell for each of the 3 Air Defenses. Deploy your Barbarian King so he doesn’t feel like the last kid picked in gym class dodgeball. Where It Can Go Wrong: Your devices battery dying before you deploy all of your Dragons, Spells and King. 😂😂 In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: It’s the only War Attack that allows you to quickly deploy all your Troops and Spells, place your device down, take your dog for a walk, and come back to 3 more war stars.

Top Rated Armies | TH7 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH7 Army 2

TH7 Attack Strategies ( HoGiWi ) :

Strengths: HoGiWi is the Dark Elixir costlier variant of the GiWi. It’s also a much faster 3-star attack, as Hog Riders can just hop over walls versus Giants pounding through them. Use HoGiWi if your fellow Clan mates have failed on a Town Hall 7 with GiWi. Phase 1 – Lure: Luring is extremely important due to the amount of Hog Riders you’re bringing into battle. An actively defending Clan Castle Balloon, Baby Dragon, Dragon or Valkyries can wipe out all of your Hogs faster than they can oink. Drop 2 or 3 Archers to lure out the enemy’s Clan Castle. If 2 or 3 Archers won’t hit the trigger ring, use a Hog. Once the CC is emptied out, lure all the troops to the outside using 3 or 4 Archers. Drop a Giant to act as a tank distraction, then 2 or 3 Wizards and Archers to destroy the troops. Note – if the defending CC troops only attack ground (Valkyrie / Miner / Giant / Bowler / Barbarian,) use your 4 Minions on them. Phase 2 – Tanking the Hogs: Phase 2 begins once you’ve taken care of the defending CC troops in Phase 1. Start by dropping 4 Giants in a pack, and remaining Giants in another pack. Separate these packs by about 4 building lengths. This is to tank the most amount of point defenses possible. As soon as the 2 Giant packs start taking fire from the defenses, deploy 2 groups of Army Camp Hogs and your Clan Castle Hogs behind them. Follow their paths on the map, dropping the 3 Healing Spells where they will move next. Healing Spells in advance are important to avoid devastating damage from Giant Bombs and Wizard Towers. Phase 3 – Cleanup: All Giants and Hog Riders should be engaged in battle for the start of Phase 3. Use your remaining Wizards, Minions (if you still have them) and Archers to start the cleanup process on buildings that have no more defensive coverage. Once all defenses are down, the Hogs and Giants will join in the cleanup and you’ll be moments away from a triple. Where It Can Go Wrong: The defending Clan Castle troops not being lured and destroyed, and missing the Healing Spell deployment before a pack of Hogs hop into Giant Bombs. You’ll be good-to-go if you can avoid these from happening. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: If you want to 3-star a Town Hall 7 in under 2 minutes, HoGiWi is definitely the strategy to use. It’s expensive to brew, but very reliable and excellent practice for a 3-phase War attacks. If you’re low on Dark Elixir, try GiWi.

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