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Welcome to CopyCocBases! Your ultimate destination for mastering Clash of Clans TH13 attack strategies. Dominate the battlefield with our meticulously crafted attack guides, designed to help you conquer opponents and secure victories. Our expertly curated army compositions and tactics are tailored to maximize your success in TH13 battles. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, our comprehensive resources will empower you to unleash the full potential of your forces. Join us at CopyCocBases and elevate your Clash of Clans experience with the best TH13 attack strategies available. Victory awaits!

TH13 Base Layouts

Top Rated Armies | TH13 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH13 Armies

TH13 Attack Strategies ( Hybrid ) :

Strengths:Unbelievably versatile attack strategy at Town Hall 13. The Clan War League destroying HYBRID attack. No base design is safe from this attack when properly deployed. It has the firepower and spells to flatten 13s left and right. Time to really frustrate the enemy clan!! Before The Attack: By far the MOST IMPORTANT step in Hybrid is fully luring and destroying all defending Clan Castle troops. While Hogs and Miners make for a great combo, they are not built to take down defending troops. One defending Baby Dragon alone can quickly turn this into a 0-star. Next on the scale of high priority importance are the two defending Scattershots, Town Hall & Eagle Artillery, in that order. If you’re able to take down the two Scattershots & Town Hall, you’ll be in good shape, as the Hog Riders & Miners can take down the Eagle Artillery from its red zone. Note – If you or any of your clanmates can brew / donate Super Wallbreakers, replace the 8 normal Wallbreakers for 2 Super Wallbreakers. Phase 1 – CC Lure: Start the attack by creating a funnel towards the Town Hall & Clan Castle. The location of these two buildings should determine your entry line. On one side of your entry line, drop a Balloon to trip any Air Mines, then your Baby Dragon, followed by your Archer Queen. The baby & AQ should be able to fully clear out one side of the funnel. On the other side of your entry line, drop your Siege Barracks and Barbarian King (Sui King). Between the Siege Machine P.E.K.K.A. and your Sui King, you’ll generously clear the opposite side of your funnel. As your Archer Queen makes her way closer to the base, drop a Rage Spell to help the walk. Followed by your Wall Breakers to help breach a path to trip the CC troops. If needed, use 1 or two Hog Riders or a Balloon to trigger the Clan Castle. Once the CC troops have been lured out, drop a Poison Spell on them as they make their way towards your Queen Walk.Phase 2 – Miner Rider:Phase 2 should begin once your Phase 1 funnel has cleared a funnel into the base, along with fully destroying all defending Clan Castle troops (again… this is VERY important!). Your battle percentage should be somewhere between 23–30%. Deploy all of your Hog Riders on your entry line, followed by all of your Miners, then finally, your Grand Warden & Royal Champion. If the defending Town Hall is still standing, activate the Warden’s ability when your army approaches it (the Giga Inferno melts through Hog Riders & Miners!!). Phase 3 – Cleanup: Phase 3 is all cleanup with the help of your remaining Spells & Royals’ abilities. Heal Spells should be used on packs of Hogs & Miners. Freeze Spells should be used on Scattershots. Time the abilities when your Royals health bar begins to quickly drop. Use any remaining troop to help snipe trash buildings on the perimeter. Where It Can Go Wrong: Hybrid, while extremely powerful if properly executed, will instantly fail if you do not lure out and destroy all defending Clan Castle troops. This is an absolute must. You also need to make sure you’re able to handle the Town Hall, Scattershots, multi-shot Infernos & the Eagle Artillery with the proper timing of Spells & Abilities. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: A very very hard base to defend against in Clan War League. Hybrid can flatten fully maxed out 13s. We suggest practicing this attack by FCing your Clan mates, and really concentrating on the Phase 1 CC lure. If you can get that down, the rest of the base should be much more straightforward with proper Spell & Ability deployment. Learn this attack. You won’t regret it (and neither will your Clan mates!!!) 💥

Top Rated Armies | TH13 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH13 Army 1

TH13 Attack Strategies ( Electro Loon ) :

Strengths: The easiest attack strategy at Town Hall 13, but if properly executed on the right bases, it has the fire power (or should we say… electric power!) to triple 13s. To get the most value out of the Electro Dragons Chain Lightning attack, look for bases that are more tightly compact. Phase 1 – Entry line: First thing’s first… make sure your Grand Warden is set to air. Now let’s determine the entry point! The entry point should be closest to the defending Clan Castle. The reason is this should get destroyed first before your AQ / BK and RC get deployed. This prevents your 3 ground royals from having to battle unnecessary defending troops. Phase 2 – The Troops: First drop your 8 Loons on the entry line about 2 tiles apart. This should effectively clear out any hidden Air Mines that can wipe the health of your E-Drags. Immediately deploy your 8 E-Drags in a line about 3 tiles apart. By deploying the E-Drags further apart, you ensure the Chain Lightning hits the most amount of defenses, and you’re not wasting a hit by doubling up on weak trash buildings. Phase 3 – Spells & Royals: Once the defending Clan Castle has been taken down, it’s time to bring in the Royals. Drop your Barbarian King, Royal Champion & Archer Queen on the opposite side of your Phase 1 Entry Line. This will help your army “meet in the middle” of the base. Drop the Poison Spell on the defending Archer Queen to slow down her hits. Drop the Rage Spells once 2 or 3 E-Dragons have converged. Use the 4 Freeze Spells on single target Inferno Towers or Air Defenses. Whichever is posing more of a threat to your army. Pop the abilities once health begins to deplete. Now sit back and watch the sparks fly!! Where It Can Go Wrong: If the defending base is spaced too far apart, you won’t get any value from the Chain Lightning. And due to the slow attack speed of the E-Drag, you’re going to really have to fight for your damage percentage. Additionally, you need to focus on not “clumping up” your E-Drags on deployment. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: If you’re new to Town Hall 13, this is definitely the most beginner-friendly attack you can deploy. But don’t let the ease fool you! Electro Loon has the offense to smack down Town Hall 13’s, even with Scattershots present. ⚡️⚡️

Top Rated Armies | TH13 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH13 Army 2

TH13 Attack Strategies ( Zap Drag ) :

Strengths: Zapping sweepers & Sui Royals make Zap Drag a very effective air attack at Town Hall 13. Relatively easy to deploy, it has the firepower to triple most 13s. The best part?? Not having to worry about those pesky Level 14 Walls! Before The Attack: Before Zap Drag, you want to find your entry line. We suggest charging the side of the base that has most of the meaty defenses & Town Hall. This is because the Eternal Tome gets used quite early in the match, so with all of your Balloons and Dragons doing their thing, the Warden’s ability will greatly help keep them alive in the heat of the battle. Additionally, MAKE SURE your Warden is set to Air 😆. Phase 1 – Zap Zap: Phase 1 primarily consists of zap & quaking defenses that can get in the way of this attack. Notably – Air Sweepers & Air Defenses. Clash Fanatic suggests taking care of the Air Sweepers, as these (very very) pesky defenses can quickly grind air attacks to a halt. If there are surrounding defensive units near the Air Defenses – even better! Two max level Lightning Spells can take down 1 Air Sweeper. The Quake Spells are used to chip away (and hopefully destroy) buildings surrounding the Sweepers. Drop two Lightning Spells & two Earthquake Spells on each Air Sweeper. Time to create the funnel in Phase 2! Phase 2 – Sui Funnel: Phase 2 begins immediately. Drop your Barbarian King & Archer Queen on one side of the entry line, and an Electro Drag & Royal Champion on the other side of the entry line. These three sui Royals will help funnel a path directly into the base for your Dragons. The goal is to get around 20-25% destruction before bringing in your main army in Phase 3. Keep a close eye on the Sui Royals’ health bar; activate their abilities when their health drops between 25% – 50%. Phase 3 – From Above: With a funnel created, it’s time to bring in your Balloons & Dragons. Deploy the 8 Balloons, 10 Dragons, Grand Warden, and Battle Blimp across your entry line. Drop the Rage Spell and pop the Eternal Tome once all of your troops are deployed and making their way into the base. Note – if the Town Hall is in short distance from your entry line, you can replace the Battle Blimp with a Stone Slammer to help tank for your Dragons. Speaking of Town Hall.. keep it nice and frozen with your Freeze Spells! The Giga Inferno atop the Town Hall can quickly melt through your attacking troops. Other Freeze Spells should be used on the defending Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers & Air Defenses. The more air-targeting defenses you can freeze, the better! Now sit back and watch the flames fall from above! Where It Can Go Wrong: Funneling your Dragons is key. If the Dragons fail to make it into the core of the base to take down high-HP defenses, the attack may likely go sour real quick.. Additionally, you want to make sure you properly time the Freeze Spells. As with most Town Hall 13 attacks, well-times Freeze Spells are crucial for success. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Not the easiest attack to deploy, but certainly not the toughest! A well-rounded air attack that can be VERY trusty in Clan War League. It’s recommended that you FC this base on a clan mate who has similar level defenses. This will help you determine the exact placement of the Lightning & Earthquake Spells.

Top Rated Armies | TH13 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH13 Army 3

TH13 Attack Strategies ( Cloned GoWiBo ) :

Strengths: Golems… at Town Hall 13?! Yep! You’re reading that correctly! Cloned GoWiBo is a very powerful ground army, with plenty of clash-nostalgia from earlier Town Hall levels! With the dual quad-quakes opening a path right to the core, your troops shouldn’t have to worry about chipping away at high level Walls. A little bit heavy on the spam side… but very dependable in Clan War! Before The Attack: Before you deploy any troops or spells, you need to determine where two quad-quakes will open up the base from the outside, right into the core. This will help take down all defending Clan Castle troops, while paving a high-value path for your troops to stroll down. Phase 1 – Dueling Quad-Quakes: Start the attack by dropping 4 Earthquake Spells on the core of the base near the Clan Castle. Next, drop 4 more Earthquake Spells on the outer portion of the base to form a wide-open path to the core. Phase 2 – Spam Time: Drop 1 Golem on each end of your entry line, then one in the center. Wait a second or two so they begin tanking defenses. Next, drop your 10 Witches on your entry line, then your 14 Bowlers, Siege Barracks on one side of the entry line (behind a Golem), and Barbarian King on the other side of the entry line (also behind a Golem.) Phase 3 – Clone, Poison & Royals: Start Phase 3 by dropping two Poison Spells on the defending Clan Castle troops. Follow that up by deploying your ground-based Grand Warden, Royal Champion & Archer Queen. Once the defending Clan Castle troops have been taken out, drop a Clone Spell right atop! Phase 4 – Royal Abilities: By this part of the battle, you should be down to Royal Abilities and 6 Archers. Use the Archers on trash buildings around the perimeter of the base (notably on Army Camps or Builder Huts). Pop your Royal Champion and Archer Queen Abilities when their health falls to the 50-25% mark, and pop your Grand Wardens’ Eternal Tome once your army converges in the core. Where It Can Go Wrong: Quad-quakes take up EIGHT spell spaces. If your army doesn’t follow the path created by these quakes, then that’s a huge waste of expensive spell space. Ensure this doesn’t happen by carefully funneling with your 3 Golems, Siege Barracks and Barbarian King. Additionally, you want to make sure you drop your two Poison Spells sooner than later, to greatly cut down the amount of hits they will get off. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Call it meta, call it OP, or call it spam. However you refer to it… this attack will surely frustrate the enemy team! Excellent attack to use in Clan War League, as this attack works very well against anti-3 bases. Besides… attacking with Golems, Witches and Bowlers in Clan War again will be like taking a trip down memory lane. Clash Fanatic approved!

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TH13 Attack Strategies ( Cloned Hog Hunter ) :

Strengths: SPAM… it’s what’s for dinner. There.. We said it. But you know what? Nothing wrong with rustling the feathers of your enemy clan! Getting the triple while playing some mind games gives your clan the edge for victory. Cloned Hog Hunter makes use of the Headhunters’ thirst for Archer Queens. And with the help of TWO Clone Spells, the sheer amount of Hogs simply run amok through a base without any defending Clan Castle troops. Welcome to Cloned Hog Hunter!! Before The Attack: To prepare for Cloned Hog Hunter, it’s important to determine an entry line that’s closest to the defending Clan Castle. The entry line should be able to lure the Clan Castle troops with the use of 3 or 4 Hog Riders. This attack strategy hinges on the defending Clan Castle troops all being lured out and destroyed in Phase 1. If any air-based splash troop (like an E-Drag or a Baby Dragon) lingers, they will be able to take out all of your Hogs with ease. And that’s certainly not good for you and your clan! Phase 1 – CC lure: Start the attack by dropping 3 or 4 Hog Riders as close to the defending Clan Castle as possible. This should lure out all defending troops. If you need to give your Hog Riders a little boost to ensure they get to the Clan Castle trigger ring, use your Rage Spell. Once the defending Clan Castle troops are all in battle, drop your Siege Barracks where you deployed your Hogs, followed by 2 Giants (to help tank), Archer Queen on one side of your Siege Barracks, and Barbarian King on the other. Top it all off with your 5 Wizards all behind your Kill Squad. This all should be PLENTY of firepower to take down all of the defending Clan Castle troops. Use 1 Rage Spell on your Kill Squad to ensure this happens! Onto Phase 2. Phase 2 – Sending them all in: Once the defending Clan Castle troops have all been taken out, start by dropping all 44/45 Hog Riders along the entry line. Followed immediately by your Royal Champion, ground-based Grand Warden, and 5 Headhunters. Yep… that’s the end of Phase 2!! Phase 3 – Spells & Abilities: Phase 3 is nothing but timing your Royals’ abilities, along with proper Spell deployment. Drop your two Clone Spells right ahead of where your Hog Rider packs are heading. (Try not to overlap your Clone Spells, as this will lessen the value you get from them.) Once all of your cloned troops are active, pop your Grand Wardens’ Eternal Tome to give them some high-value invincibility, followed by your Royal Champions’ Seeking Shield. Use your Heal Spell on the biggest group of your attacking troops, and use your Freeze Spell to tame a Scattershot and/or Inferno Tower (depending on how close they are.) Now just sit back, relax, and watch some hammer-wielding cloned swine do their thing!! 🐖🔨🐖🔨 Where It Can Go Wrong: A huge determining success factor in Cloned Hog Hunter is timing your spells in Phase 3. Notably preventing the Scattershots from locking onto your Hog Riders. The high splash damage these defenses deal can spell disaster to a massive group of Hogs! Additionally you MUST make sure you take down all of the defending Clan Castle troops during phase 1. This entire army composition is strictly designed for wiping through an enemy base, not dealing with pesky CC troops. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: The trusty dependability of the Hog Rider makes a triumphant return at Town Hall 13. With the help of Royal-seeking Headhunters, and zero defending Clan Castle troops, Cloned Hog Hunter is a solid strategy for Clan War & Clan War League. Especially on ring-style bases! Spam heavy… but at the end of battle day, it’s the stars that count!!

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