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Welcome to CopyCocBases! Your ultimate destination for mastering Clash of Clans TH13 attack strategies. Dominate the battlefield with our meticulously crafted attack guides, designed to help you conquer opponents and secure victories. Our expertly curated army compositions and tactics are tailored to maximize your success in TH13 battles. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, our comprehensive resources will empower you to unleash the full potential of your forces. Join us at CopyCocBases and elevate your Clash of Clans experience with the best TH13 attack strategies available. Victory awaits!

TH13 Base Layouts

Top Rated Armies | TH13 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH13 Armies

TH13 Attack Strategies ( Hybrid ) :

Strengths: Hybrid emerges as an incredibly versatile and devastating attack strategy at Town Hall 13, particularly excelling in Clan War League scenarios. With its potent combination of Hog Riders and Miners, backed by powerful spells, it poses a significant threat to any base design when executed correctly, often leading to frustration for enemy clans.

Before The Attack: The paramount step in executing the Hybrid attack is to meticulously lure and eliminate all defending Clan Castle troops. Failure to do so can swiftly result in disaster, as the combination of Hogs and Miners is ill-equipped to handle defending troops, especially high-damage dealers like the Baby Dragon. Additionally, prioritizing the destruction of two defending Scattershots, followed by the Town Hall and Eagle Artillery, is crucial for a successful assault. The inclusion of Super Wallbreakers, if available, enhances the attack’s effectiveness.

Phase 1 – CC Lure: Initiate the attack by establishing a funnel towards the Town Hall and Clan Castle, with the location of these structures determining the entry line. Employ a combination of units, such as Balloons, Baby Dragons, Archer Queen, Siege Barracks, and Barbarian King, to clear both sides of the funnel. Utilize Rage Spells to bolster the Archer Queen’s walk and Wall Breakers to breach a path towards the Clan Castle. Deploy Hog Riders or Balloons, if necessary, to trigger the Clan Castle troops, and swiftly eliminate them with a Poison Spell.

Phase 2 – Miner Rider: Once Phase 1 has successfully created a funnel and neutralized all defending Clan Castle troops, proceed to Phase 2. Deploy all Hog Riders followed by Miners, Grand Warden, and Royal Champion along the entry line. Activate the Grand Warden’s ability if the defending Town Hall remains standing, as the Giga Inferno poses a significant threat to Hog Riders and Miners.

Phase 3 – Cleanup: The final phase focuses on cleanup, utilizing remaining Spells and Royal abilities. Heal Spells should be strategically used to sustain groups of Hog Riders and Miners, while Freeze Spells target Scattershots. Time the Royal abilities to coincide with the depletion of their health bars, and utilize any remaining troops to eliminate peripheral trash buildings.

Where It Can Go Wrong: Failure to lure and eliminate all defending Clan Castle troops spells instant failure for the Hybrid attack. Additionally, mishandling the Town Hall, Scattershots, multi-shot Infernos, and Eagle Artillery with proper spell and ability timing can derail the assault. Thorough practice, particularly focusing on Phase 1 CC lure, is essential for mastering this attack strategy.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Hybrid emerges as a formidable force in Clan War League battles, capable of overwhelming even fully-maxed Town Hall 13 bases. Practice and mastery of this attack, particularly in Phase 1 CC lure, are essential for success. Once perfected, Hybrid proves to be a valuable asset, leaving both attackers and their clanmates satisfied with its devastating results.

Top Rated Armies | TH13 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH13 Army 1

TH13 Attack Strategies ( Electro Loon ) :

Strengths: The Electro Loon strategy stands out as one of the simplest yet highly effective attack strategies at Town Hall 13, capable of achieving triple stars on the right bases. Leveraging the formidable chain lightning attack of Electro Dragons, this strategy thrives on bases that are densely packed with defenses.

Phase 1 – Entry line: Begin by ensuring that your Grand Warden is set to air mode. Determine the entry point closest to the defending Clan Castle, prioritizing its destruction before deploying ground-based royals. This minimizes the risk of your royals engaging unnecessary defending troops.

Phase 2 – The Troops: Deploy 8 Loons on the entry line with approximately 2 tiles spacing between them to clear hidden Air Mines that threaten your Electro Dragons’ health. Subsequently, deploy 8 Electro Dragons in a line with around 3 tiles spacing between them to maximize the effectiveness of chain lightning, ensuring it hits multiple defenses without wasting potential hits on weak buildings.

Phase 3 – Spells & Royals: Once the defending Clan Castle is neutralized, introduce your Barbarian King, Royal Champion, and Archer Queen on the opposite side of the Phase 1 Entry Line to converge your army towards the center of the base. Employ the Poison Spell on the defending Archer Queen to slow her attack speed. Drop Rage Spells when multiple Electro Dragons converge and utilize Freeze Spells on single-target Inferno Towers or Air Defenses posing the greatest threat. Activate royal abilities as their health depletes.

Where It Can Go Wrong: The success of the Electro Loon strategy hinges on the base being tightly compacted. Spacing between defenses that is too wide may diminish the effectiveness of chain lightning, while the slow attack speed of Electro Dragons necessitates careful planning to achieve optimal damage. Avoid clumping up Electro Dragons during deployment to maximize chain lightning efficiency.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Electro Loon emerges as an ideal choice for beginner Town Hall 13 attackers due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Despite its straightforward nature, this strategy packs enough offensive power to overcome even bases equipped with Scattershots. With proper execution, Electro Loon promises to electrify Town Hall 13 defenses and secure triple stars for your clan. ⚡️⚡️

Top Rated Armies | TH13 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH13 Army 2

TH13 Attack Strategies ( Zap Drag ) :

Strengths: Zap Drag stands out as a highly effective air attack strategy at Town Hall 13, thanks to its combination of zapping defenses and sui royals. It boasts the firepower necessary to secure triple stars against most TH13 bases, and the absence of concern for Level 14 Walls simplifies its execution.

Before The Attack: The key to success with Zap Drag lies in identifying the optimal entry line. Focus on charging the side of the base containing the majority of formidable defenses and the Town Hall. This positioning maximizes the effectiveness of the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability early in the battle, safeguarding your Balloons and Dragons. Ensure that your Grand Warden is set to air mode.

Phase 1 – Zap Zap: Phase 1 revolves around zapping and quaking defenses that pose a threat to the attack, particularly Air Sweepers and Air Defenses. Prioritize neutralizing Air Sweepers, as they can severely hinder air attacks. Two max-level Lightning Spells can dispatch a single Air Sweeper, while Quake Spells help weaken surrounding buildings. Deploy two Lightning Spells and two Earthquake Spells on each Air Sweeper to clear the path for your main army.

Phase 2 – Sui Funnel: Phase 2 entails establishing a funnel with sui royals. Deploy your Barbarian King and Archer Queen on one side of the entry line, and an Electro Dragon and Royal Champion on the other side. These sui royals will pave the way for your Dragons by funneling a path directly into the base. Aim for 20-25% destruction before proceeding to Phase 3. Monitor the sui royals’ health bars closely and activate their abilities when their health drops between 25% to 50%.

Phase 3 – From Above: With the funnel in place, it’s time to unleash your Balloons and Dragons. Deploy 8 Balloons, 10 Dragons, Grand Warden, and Battle Blimp along the entry line. Trigger the Rage Spell and activate the Eternal Tome once all troops are deployed and advancing into the base. Utilize Freeze Spells to immobilize the Town Hall, Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers, and Air Defenses, mitigating their threat to your attacking force. Proper timing of Freeze Spells is critical for success.

Where It Can Go Wrong: Effective funneling of your Dragons is essential for the attack’s success. Failure to guide your Dragons into the core of the base to target high-HP defenses can lead to failure. Additionally, timing Freeze Spells accurately is crucial, as mistimed spells can compromise the attack’s effectiveness.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: While not the easiest attack to execute, Zap Drag offers a well-rounded air assault strategy that can yield excellent results in Clan War League. Practice on similarly leveled bases through friendly challenges to fine-tune the placement of Lightning and Earthquake Spells. With proper execution, Zap Drag can be a reliable option for securing triple stars against Town Hall 13 bases.

Top Rated Armies | TH13 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH13 Army 3

TH13 Attack Strategies ( Cloned GoWiBo ) :

Strengths: Cloned GoWiBo brings back the nostalgia of earlier Town Hall levels while offering a potent ground army at Town Hall 13. With its dual quad-quakes, it can carve a path straight to the core, bypassing high-level walls and swiftly eliminating defending Clan Castle troops. Although it may seem spam-heavy, it proves to be a dependable option in Clan War.

Before The Attack: Prior to deploying any troops or spells, identify where two quad-quakes will create an opening from the outside to the core. This strategic placement ensures the removal of defending Clan Castle troops and provides a high-value route for your troops.

Phase 1 – Dueling Quad-Quakes: Initiate the attack by casting 4 Earthquake Spells on the core of the base near the Clan Castle. Follow up with 4 more Earthquake Spells on the outer section of the base to establish a wide-open path leading to the core.

Phase 2 – Spam Time: Deploy 1 Golem on each end of your entry line and one in the center. Allow them to absorb enemy defenses before releasing your 10 Witches along with 14 Bowlers. Position the Siege Barracks behind one Golem and the Barbarian King behind the other on the entry line.

Phase 3 – Clone, Poison & Royals: Use two Poison Spells to neutralize the defending Clan Castle troops. Subsequently, deploy your ground-based Grand Warden, Royal Champion, and Archer Queen. Once the defending Clan Castle troops are dealt with, cast a Clone Spell directly on top of your troops.

Phase 4 – Royal Abilities: At this stage, rely on Royal Abilities and 6 Archers. Deploy Archers to clear trash buildings around the base periphery. Activate the Royal Champion and Archer Queen Abilities when their health drops to 50-25%, and trigger the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome once your army converges in the core.

Where It Can Go Wrong: The success of Cloned GoWiBo heavily relies on the effectiveness of the quad-quakes. Ensure that your army follows the path created by these spells by carefully funneling with Golems, Siege Barracks, and the Barbarian King. Additionally, deploy Poison Spells early to minimize damage from defending troops.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Cloned GoWiBo is a formidable attack strategy that excels against anti-3 bases in Clan War League. It offers a nostalgic throwback to earlier gameplay while proving to be a frustration for enemy clans. Clash Fanatic approves of its effectiveness and recommends its use in Clan War League battles.

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TH13 Attack Strategies ( Cloned Hog Hunter ) :

Strengths: Cloned Hog Hunter is a highly effective spam attack strategy at Town Hall 13, capable of overwhelming enemy bases and securing triple stars. By leveraging the Headhunters’ targeting of Archer Queens and employing two Clone Spells, this strategy floods the base with a massive number of Hogs, bypassing the need to contend with defending Clan Castle troops.

Before The Attack: Preparation for Cloned Hog Hunter involves selecting an entry line closest to the defending Clan Castle. It’s crucial to lure out and eliminate all defending troops in Phase 1 using a few Hog Riders. Failure to do so may result in devastating losses from lingering air-based splash troops.

Phase 1 – CC lure: Begin by deploying 3 or 4 Hog Riders near the defending Clan Castle to trigger all defending troops. Use a Rage Spell if necessary to ensure the Hog Riders reach the Clan Castle trigger ring. Follow up with the deployment of Siege Barracks, Giants, Archer Queen, Barbarian King, and Wizards to eliminate defending Clan Castle troops. Use a Rage Spell on your Kill Squad to guarantee their success.

Phase 2 – Sending them all in: Once the defending Clan Castle troops are neutralized, deploy all Hog Riders, Royal Champion, ground-based Grand Warden, and Headhunters along the entry line.

Phase 3 – Spells & Abilities: Phase 3 revolves around timing Royal abilities and proper Spell deployment. Drop Clone Spells ahead of the Hog Rider packs’ path, ensuring minimal overlap to maximize value. Activate the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome to grant invincibility to the cloned troops, followed by the Royal Champion’s Seeking Shield. Utilize the Heal Spell on the largest group of attacking troops and the Freeze Spell to control Scattershots and Inferno Towers.

Where It Can Go Wrong: Success in Cloned Hog Hunter hinges on timing spells in Phase 3, particularly to prevent Scattershots from targeting Hog Riders. Failing to eliminate all defending Clan Castle troops in Phase 1 can also jeopardize the attack’s success.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Cloned Hog Hunter brings back the reliability of Hog Riders at Town Hall 13, augmented by Royal-seeking Headhunters and the absence of defending Clan Castle troops. It’s a formidable strategy for Clan War and Clan War League, particularly effective against ring-style bases. While spam-heavy, it ultimately delivers the stars that count for victory.

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