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Welcome to CopyCoC Bases, your ultimate destination for mastering Clash of Clans TH9 attack strategies. Our platform is dedicated to empowering players with the best-in-class tactics and armies for triumphant victories. With a focus on Town Hall 9, we offer a treasure trove of battle-tested strategies, meticulously designed to outmaneuver opponents and dominate the battlefield. Whether you’re aiming to three-star bases or secure resources, our expertly crafted guides and meticulously planned armies provide the edge you need. Elevate your Clash of Clans prowess with CopyCoC Bases and conquer the competition with confidence. Your victories start here.

TH9 Base Layouts

Top Rated Armies | TH9 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH9 Armies

TH9 Attack Strategies ( Penta LavaLoon ) :

Strengths: Penta LavaLoons have worked their way up to one of the most powerful War strategies you can use at Town Hall 9. Once you have nailed down the deployment timing of this tanky Air attack, there won’t be many Town Hall 9’s that you don’t 3-star from above. Now is a good time to change your X-Bows to all air!

Phase 1 – Lure and AD Funnel: To start off the attack, send in 2 Balloons as close to the Clan Castle trigger ring as possible. This will draw the defending troops out, engaging them in the battle. Once all the troops are lured out from hiding, send in your BK and AQ on a side of the base where an Air Defense is close to the edge. Drop the poison spell on the path the enemy’s war troops will follow. You may need to use both Royals’ abilities to ensure all of the enemy war troops (especially Baby Dragons) go down, and a funnel has been created to the Air Defense.

Phase 2 – AD Takedown: Start phase 2 by dropping a Lava Hound and 3 Balloons near the Air Defense you funneled towards in phase 1. Use a Haste Spell to speed up your offensive path. Follow this same deployment strategy until all 4 Air Defenses are down or highly damaged. The trick is to execute phase 2 relatively quick, so that your Balloons are flying around in the most Haste Spell coverage as possible. Try not to overlap the Haste Spells to maximize spell coverage.

Phase 3 – Raged Air: The final phase of this attack involves sending in your 5th Lava Hound from the Clan Castle with any remaining Balloons. Drop your Rage Spell on top of a Balloon-heavy portion of the map. By the time all of the Lava Hounds pop into Lava Pups, the Balloons will have cleared up all defenses, while Pups begin clearing out the remaining trash buildings.

Where It Can Go Wrong: Wizard Towers, Air X-Bows and Air Defenses can deal out devastating damage to your Balloons. If the Haste Spells are timed correctly, the defenses won’t last long with the speedy Balloons dropping devastating bombs from above.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Penta LavaLoon is a tougher War strategy to master, but when done correctly, it can 3-star Town Hall 9 War bases in just over 2 minutes on the battle clock. Practice this strategy on several friendly challenges before using one of your War attacks. Timing plays a key role in Penta LavaLoon, but once you have it nailed down, you’ll be a mirror tripling machine!

Top Rated Armies | TH9 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH9 Army 1

TH9 Attack Strategies ( HGHB ) :

Strengths: HGHB is an extremely powerful ground composition for Town Hall 9 players in War. The essence of HGHB involves a very high HP Kill Squad that’s tough to bring down with 4 Healers and a Healing Spell providing health support. The offensive firepower of the Kill Squad comes from 6 Wizards, 5 Clan Castle Bowlers, 5 Minions and your Archer Queen, which will all deal out devastating destruction to your opponent. Surgical Hogs are the cherry on top of your HGHB 3-star.

Phase 1 – Kill Squad: The objective of phase 1’s Kill Squad is to destroy the enemy’s Clan Castle troops and Archer Queen. Start HGHB by clearing away buildings near the defending Archer Queen with 2 of your tanking Giants and 4 Wizards. Once the distracting outer buildings are taken down, send in the remaining Giants, 4 Healers and your Barbarian King. Once they breach the outer wall, send in the Clan Castle Bowlers, Archer Queen and your remaining Wizards and Minions. Drop a Rage Spell on this giant cluster of attacking troops. By this point in the battle, the enemy’s Clan Castle troops and AQ should be engaged. Use your 2 Poison Spells to give your Kill Squad the edge in quickly bringing down the defending troops. To reinforce the Healers even more, drop a Healing Spell slightly in front of your Kill Squad. Time to deliver the surgical knockout!

Phase 2 – Surgical Hogs: The massive phase 1 Kill Squad should be tanking most of the defense on the base, and overall damage should already be around 50% while climbing quickly. It’s time to surgical Hog with the 14 that you brought to War. Drop 3 or 4 Hog Riders each on a defense the opposite side of the Kill Squad entry point. Continue doing this until all defenses on the base are engaged. Eventually, the hogs will converge with the Kill Squad to take down any unsuspecting buildings left standing. Use your remaining Healing and Rage Spell to assist the Hogs in tearing through the defense.

Where It Can Go Wrong: Not properly funneling the Bowlers into the base, and failing to destroy the defending Archer Queen may bring down your HGHB attack. Out of the two, the Archer Queen will play a bigger role in potential attack failure. Make sure she’s down before you begin phase 2, or else you risk her sniping down your entire Hog Army. Not good!

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: The moment you go to War without quad Quakes, Jump Spells or Wall Breakers in your ground Army, you know you’ll be dishing out some damage. If you can finish phase 1 of HGHB with at least 75% of your Kill Squad, phase 2 will be effortless and 3 more stars will be added to your Clan’s total points!

Top Rated Armies | TH9 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH9 Army 2

TH9 Attack Strategies ( GoVaHo ) :

Strengths: GoVaHo utilizes massive offensive firepower to rip right through Town Hall 9 bases when properly executed. Just watch out for exploding Bomb Towers!

Phase 1 – Kill Squad: The objective in Phase 1 is to use your Kill Squad to destroy the enemy’s Clan Castle troops and defending Archer Queen. Plan your entry line by finding the edge of the base closest to the patrolling AQ, and determining where a quad-Quake will open most compartments in the core. You’re ready to start the battle clock! Begin by quad-quaking the core of the base open. Next, drop your Army Golem and the Clan Castle golem roughly 4 buildings apart on your determined entry line. Once the 2 Golems start tanking defenses, drop Wall Breakers and 5 Wizards behind them to start clearing a funnel while breaching the outer wall. As soon as your troops start funneling inside the base, send in your BK, AQ, remaining Wizards and 8 Valkyries. This is when the enemy’s Clan Castle and AQ become engaged with your Kill Squad. Drop the Rage Spell to boost your offense while keeping a close eye on the health of your Royals. Activate the abilities when their health bars drop into the red. The last step in Phase 1 is to drop 1 Healing Spell slightly in front of your Kill Squad to regain some of their lost health.

Phase 2 – Surgical Hogs: Your Kill Squad should be healed back up from the Healing Spell while distracting much of the bases point defenses. Overall damage should be around 40%, but will quickly rise with the help of your Hog Riders. To top off your attack, you’re going to use your remaining Hogs to surgically pick off undamaged defenses. Deploy 3-4 hogs per defensive unit. Use the last remaining Healing Spell in an area that Giant Bombs may be hiding. They don’t deal 1.5x damage anymore, but can still bring a pack of Hogs into the red with just 1 explosion. Once the Hogs finish picking off defenses, it will be a quick 3-star cleanup.

Where It Can Go Wrong: In order to properly execute GoVaHo, the Kill Squad must properly funnel into the core, destroy the enemy’s Clan Castle troops and take out the defending Archer Queen.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Once you get your Kill Squad properly funneled into the base and take down the enemy’s AQ and CC troops, the hard part is over! Surgical Hogs to finish off the base is much easier to execute now since you don’t have to worry about double Giant Bombs 1.5x damage. A very reliable 3-star attack, even against maxed out Town Hall 9’s.

Top Rated Armies | TH9 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH9 Army 3

TH9 Attack Strategies ( GoVaHoBo ) :

Strengths: Quite similar to GoVaHo, GoVaHoBo uses much less Hogs, adds Bowlers, and puts more emphasis on Phase 1 of the attack. A great strategy for maxed out Town Hall 9 War bases, as the GoVaHoBo Army composition can both tank defenses and deal out intense splash damage. GoVaHoBo is a better Army to choose against Town Hall 9’s that are much more spread out with larger components. This is due to the Bowlers being able to toss out lengthy splash damage.

Phase 1 – Kill Squad: The objective with Phase 1 is to lure and destroy the defending Clan Castle troops, along with taking down the enemy Archer Queen. Determine the side of the base with easiest access to both of these units, then determine where dropping the Jump Spell in the core will open up most compartments. Drop 2 golems about 4 buildings apart to start the charge towards the CC / AQ. Now use 6-7 Wizards trailing behind the Golems to begin clearing out the distracting buildings. Time to break open the outer wall. Do this by dropping 1 Wall Breaker at a time until the outer wall has been breached. With the funnel that you just created, start sending in your Valkyries, remaining Wizards, and CC Bowlers. Once the enemy CC troops and AQ have been engaged, drop both poison spells to slow them down, and at the same time drop a Rage & Healing Spell slightly in front of your massive Kill Squad. Your Kill Squad will begin to venture into the base with the Jump Spell you dropped earlier. Pop the Royal Abilities when their health drops into the red. You’re now ready for the Hogs!

Phase 2 – Surgical Hogs: This second phase of GoVaHoBo has much less impact than Phase 1. With only 10 Hogs available, you want to surgically target 3 defenses with 3 / 3 / 4 Hogs each. Once the Hogs are all deployed, drop the final Healing Spell where they all converge in a large group. The Hogs will eventually meet up with the Kill Squad to start the final base cleanup for 100% destruction.

Where It Can Go Wrong: GoVaHoBo is best suited for maxed and spread out Town Hall 9 War bases. With a max Town Hall 9 comes a Level 30 AQ. You’ll have a bad time if you don’t take her down early, as she’ll snipe off your Kill Squad and Hog Riders one by one.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: If you can take down the enemy’s AQ and CC troops early in Phase 1, the rest of the battle should go your way. GoVaHoBo can take down the peskiest TH9 bases, including compartment-heavy spread out layouts. Master it and you’ll be consistently pulling triples on any Town Hall 9 layout. Promotion to Co Leader? Here you come!!

Top Rated Armies | TH9 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH9 Army 4

TH9 Attack Strategies ( Mass Dragon Hound ) :

Strengths: With both an increased attack speed and a quench for fried bases, the Dragon is a tough troop on offense and defense. A good War base to Mass Dragon Hound is one where X-Bows are set to ground, but fear not… Even if X-Bows are set to air, this army still has the firepower to flatten it (granted it will just be slightly trickier!)

Phase 1 – ZapQuake: One of the very few War armies that focus on Spells in phase 1, rather than troops. Once you decide on your entry line, you’re going to ZapQuake the 2 furthest-away Air Defenses. 2 Lightning Spells and an Earthquake Spell on each AD will take them out. Bonus Tip: The entry line should be about 4 buildings long. Think of this as an imaginary line that you will drag your finger across when deploying the 11 Dragons.

Phase 2 – Royal Funnel the Dragons: Start Phase 2 by dropping your Royals along each end of the entry line. Watch their health bar to pop their abilities once they drop below into the red. This should clean out a good amount of the distracting buildings which will funnel your Dragons right into the 2 remaining Air Defenses. Once the Royals have decided to take a nap, it’s time to first drop your CC Lava Hound, and then the 11 dragons along the entry line. The Lava Hound will take the rocket damage, and by the time the Lava Pups come out to play, the Dragons will be right above the ADs raining fire. Drop your remaining Rage Spell once your army converges in the core. The rest of the base should be an easy air cleanup!

Where It Can Go Wrong: Air Defenses, Air Sweepers, and High HP storages can all slow down the Mass Dragon Hound. Since this attack is extremely easy to deploy, you’ll want to spend some time finding the most effective entry line that will best handle these troublesome defenses. Hidden Tesla’s and Seeking Air Mines can also put a damper on the attack, so scouting the base with a low level TH in War can give you the advantage.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Simple to deploy, but picking the entry line is crucial to a 3-star Mass Dragon Hound attack. Look for an entry line that can easily hit 2 Air Defenses. The other 2 Air Defenses will be ZapQuaked in phase 1, so you’ll just need to worry about taking 2 down.

Top Rated Armies | TH9 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH9 Army 5

TH9 Attack Strategies ( GoLaLoon ) :

Strengths: GoLaLoon combines a robust ground-based Kill Squad with a devastating air attack, making it a versatile strategy capable of handling maxed Town Hall 9 and 9.5 bases with ease. While it requires precision execution, mastering GoLaLoon prepares players for multi-phase Balloon attacks commonly seen in higher Town Hall levels’ Clan War and Clan War League battles.

Phase 1 – Ground Kill Squad: The primary goal of Phase 1 is to establish a funnel into the base, eliminate defending Clan Castle troops, the Archer Queen, and ideally one Air Defense. Start by selecting an entry line (3-4 buildings long) near the Clan Castle and Queen’s position. Deploy Clan Castle Golem and Army Golem on each end of the line, followed by 8 wizards to create the funnel. Use Wall Breakers to breach the entry point between the Golems and send in your Royals to strengthen the funnel. Drop Poison Spell on Clan Castle troops and AQ, and Rage & Healing Spells on your Kill Squad.

Phase 2 – Air Attack: In Phase 2, swiftly take down the remaining 3 or 4 Air Defenses. Begin by sending a Lava Hound with 6 balloons and a Haste spell to target the farthest Air Defense from the Kill Squad. Repeat this deployment for another Air Defense out of the Kill Squad’s reach. Once both Lava Hounds engage, surgically deploy the remaining 6 Balloons on vulnerable Defenses. As your Balloons and Ground Army converge in the core, use the final Rage Spell slightly ahead of them. Utilize the last Haste Spell to accelerate the Balloons towards any remaining defenses. The bomb-dropping cleanup should secure 100% destruction.

Where It Can Go Wrong: Ensuring the early elimination of the defending Archer Queen in Phase 1 is crucial. If she survives into Phase 2, she can pick off Balloons, undermining the attack. Additionally, clearing out the defending Clan Castle is essential to prevent Minions or Baby Dragons from inflicting significant damage to unprotected Balloons.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: GoLaLoon offers the best of both ground and air attacks, combining strength and durability. While hybrid attacks like this require players to contend with both air and ground traps, the potency of GoLaLoon often mitigates their impact. Achieving a 3-star victory with GoLaLoon not only secures War success but also earns admiration and style points for your clan!

Top Rated Armies | TH9 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH9 Army 6

TH9 Attack Strategies ( LavaLoonion ) :

Strengths: LavaLoonion, a staple in Clan War and Clan War League attacks since its introduction in the September 2014 update, remains one of the most popular strategies for Town Hall 9. It excels at securing 3-star victories against mirrored opponents with ample time to spare.

Phase 1 – ZapQuake and CC Takedown: The initial strategy in Phase 1 is to identify an entry line close to the patrolling Archer Queen. Once determined, use ZapQuake (3 Lightning Spells & 1 Earthquake Spell) to eliminate an Air Defense furthest from the entry line. Lure out the defending Clan Castle troops by deploying 2 Balloons near the trigger ring. The objective is to destroy Clan Castle troops and the defending Archer Queen at the entry line. Drop your Royals on the line with 7-10 Minions to assist in cleaning nearby buildings. As Clan Castle troops approach, use Poison Spell to weaken them and time the abilities of your Royals. Deploy additional Minions if necessary to secure victory.

Phase 2: Phase 2 requires swift and precise execution. Deploy a Hound with 3 or 4 trailing Balloons and a Haste Spell to target the Air Defense closest to the entry line. Repeat this deployment with the remaining Hounds and Balloons until all Air Defenses are engaged. Simultaneously, distribute the rest of your Minions to initiate non-defense cleanup. Use Surgical Loon with remaining Balloons and Haste Spells to target defenses targeting air units, such as Archer Towers, Hidden Teslas, and Air Sweepers. Once defenses are down, Balloons, Lava Pups, and Minions will complete the cleanup.

Where It Can Go Wrong: LavaLoonion relies heavily on early defense destruction, as no extra Rage Spells are available. Ensure all 3 Air Defenses are eliminated early, including the one targeted with ZapQuake. Failing to eliminate the defending Archer Queen and CC troops in Phase 1 can be remedied by sending Phase 2 troops over them.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: LavaLoonion demands precision and timing but offers exceptional speed and power when executed correctly. It thrives against bases with Ground X-Bows & Archer Towers that aren’t fully upgraded. Successful execution of LavaLoonion often earns praise and admiration in Clan Chat, making it a highly rewarding strategy to master!

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