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Welcome to Copycocbases! Your ultimate destination for mastering Clash of Clans TH11 attack strategies. Our expertly crafted army compositions and battle-tested strategies ensure victory on the battlefield. Dominate your opponents with the best-in-class tactics, meticulously designed to conquer TH11 challenges. Whether it’s surgical Hog Rider strikes, electrifying Electro Dragon assaults, or unstoppable Queen Walk approaches, we’ve got you covered. Elevate your gameplay, crush your rivals, and seize those three stars with confidence. Join our community of strategic masterminds and lead your clan to triumph. Copycocbases – Where TH11 domination begins!

TH11 Base Layouts

Top Rated Armies | TH11 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH11 Armies

TH11 Attack Strategies ( Bat Slap ) :

Strengths: Unbelievably powerful Town Hall 11 attack… IF you keep your bats alive! And that’s a BIG IF. Luckily for you, this army composition has the ice cold support of 5 Freeze Spells. Those freeze spells will help keep the bat wings flappin’ to a 3-star war attack.

Phase 1 – Funnel for the Witches: As mentioned above, keeping your bats alive is the determining factor in this attack. By creating a proper funnel into the base you’re attacking, you take down some key defenses that will quickly spoil this attack. Start off the attack by creating a wide funnel for your troops to get inside the base.

2 Wizards & Barbarian King on one side, Archer Queen & 5 Healers on the other side. Once the King & Queen have gathered up about 8% worth of damage, send in your 3 Giants (to tank for the Wall Wrecker), Wall Wrecker, Grand Warden & 13 Witches. Rage Spell them once they’ve converged. The plan is to guide all of your troops inside the base. Pop the Warden’s ability to protect your Witches against a round of Eagle Artillery shells. Keep a close eye on the health of your Barbarian King & Archer Queen. Pop their abilities when their health drops into the red.

Phase 2 – Bats & Freeze: By this point in the attack, your army should be down to 6 Bat Spells, 5 Freeze Spells, 3 Archers & 2 Wizards. All 6 Bat Spells will be dropped at once on the outside of the base (also known as a Bat Wave), the 5 Freeze Spells will be used to freeze up multi-target Inferno Towers & Wizard Towers.

The trick with phase 2 is timing the Freeze Spells. You want to drop them on splash right before your Bats fly within range. Sometimes you’ll use up 2 Freeze Spells on a single defense, but that is okay! You MUST keep the Bat wave alive. You’re simply guiding a path for the Bats with the help of Freeze Spells. The remaining Archers & Wizards are used to clean up any trash at the end of your attack.

Where It Can Go Wrong: Keep your Bats alive! Bat Slap can slap the Dark Elixir out of a maxed Town Hall 11… provided your Bats stay alive with the help of the Freeze Spells. One thing to note, keep an eye on the Eagle Artillery. If your massive kill squad fails to bring it down, the EA shells can target your Bat Wave. Simple solution here is to keep your finger on that Freeze Spell button!

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Timing is crucial for this attack. However, once you’ve got the Freeze Spell & Bat Spell timing down, you’ll be slapping Town Hall 11’s left and right. To make this attack a bit easier to manage, use it on bases that have Inferno Towers set to single target. That gives you less defenses to worry about that can wipe out the Bat Wave within a second. Practicing this attack with your clan mates is advised! ❄️

Top Rated Armies | TH11 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH11 Army 1

TH11 Attack Strategies ( Penta LavaLoonion ) :

Strengths: Penta LavaLoonion is an extremely tough War strategy for higher level Town Halls. Add in a Grand Warden, and you’ve got a troop combination that laughs eternally at Eagle Artilleries and max Inferno Towers. When properly executed, Penta LavaLoonion is a strategy that can 2-star or triple the trickiest top-11’s in Clan War & Clan War League.

Phase 1 – CC Troops, AQ and AD Takedown: As with all Balloon attacks, destroying an Air Defense or two before deploying your Hounds is key. For this particular strategy, you’ll need to destroy just 1. Clan Castle troops can slow down your attack, so luring them out early can save you valuable time later on in the battle. Finally, you’ll want to make sure you bring down the enemy’s Archer Queen, as she can quickly snipe your Balloons out of the sky. Start by locating an Air Defense close to the edge of the base and within range of the Archer Queen. You’ll want to use your Barbarian King and Archer Queen as main proponents of the Kill Squad.

Send 1 Balloon into the defending Clan Castle trigger ring to draw out defending troops. Once the defending Archer Queen and Clan Castle troops engage in battle with your Kill Squad, drop the Poison Spell and pop both Royals’ abilities when their health bars turn red. If the Air Defense has not been taken down yet, drop a Baby Dragon or 2 to fly towards the Air Defense with 1 or 2 Balloons behind. The Baby Dragons will tank damage while the Balloons deliver the final bombs.

Phase 2 – Main Army: Start phase 2 by dropping an Army Lava Hound, followed by your Stone Slammer (holding a Hound & Balloon) near an Air Defense. Send in 6 Balloons behind them once the Hounds start tanking air-fire (including Eagle Artillery blasts.) Drop your air-targeted Grand Warden behind the 2 Lava Hounds, along with another 2 Hounds and 4 Balloons. Send in your 10 Minions behind the 4 Hounds to provide cleanup help for the Lava Pups and Balloons. Use the Final Lava Hound and any remaining Balloons on the last-standing Air Defense. With the help of your Spells, you’ll be able to pick up the 3-star, heavy with style points and praise waiting for you in the Clan Chat.

Support for Phase 2: All throughout Phase 2, you’ll want to be conscious of your 5 Rage Spells, Freeze Spells and the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability. Use the Rage Spells to speed up the destruction of the Air Defenses, Inferno Towers and Eagle Artillery. Use the Freeze Spells when your air units fly into the range of an Inferno Tower. Finally, activate the Grand Wardens ability right before the Eagle Artillery lands a second round of exploding shells.

Where It Can Go Wrong: It’s crucial that you take down the defending Archer Queen, 1 Air Defense and Clan Castle troops during Phase 1. Most emphasis is put on the Archer Queen. If she remains in the battle with your Balloons, she’ll be ferociously quick-scoping them out of the sky. Single target Inferno Towers can quickly burn through all of your Lava Hounds, leaving the Balloons without crucial defense. If there is a single target Inferno Tower in your battle, use your Freeze Spells when in range.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: A difficult and technical attack to pull off, but at Town Hall 11 it’s worth the good possibility of 3-starring the enemy’s top War bases. Penta LavaLoonion will take practice in nailing down the timing, so friendly challenges against Town Hall 11’s are advised. Once you have the timing of your offense down, you’ll be demoralizing enemy Clans left and right.

Top Rated Armies | TH11 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH11 Army 2

TH11 Attack Strategies ( Cloned GoLaLoonion ) :

Strengths: What happens when you take 32 buffed Balloons into battle, Clone Spell 2 groups of them, then spread out 3 Haste Spells and 2 Rage Spells on the map? You get a 3-star attack and several shocked opponents on the other end of your Clan. Introducing Cloned GoLaLoonion. A Town Hall 11 bomb-dropping attack that will instantly cause you to set your X-Bows to air and reposition your Air Defenses.

Phase 1 – GoRoyal Charge: As with most Balloon-heavy attacks, your main objective is to take down the enemy Archer Queen, then 1 Air Defense, and defending Clan Castle troops. Start by finding the Air Defense closest to the Archer Queen. If it’s not within range to lure out the Clan Castle, use 1 Balloon to help trigger the draw. Drop your Golem on your entry point, then your Barbarian King and Archer Queen. (The entry point should be closest to the Air Defense near the patrolling AQ.) Breach the wall with your 4 Wall Breakers while the Golem is tanking. Activate the Royals’ abilities once their health bar turns red. Use up to 5 Minions to start cleaning trash buildings around the Royals’ path. The defending Archer Queen should be sleeping by this point. Time to clone yourself into Phase 2!

Phase 2 – Cloning the Loons: Phase 2 is very fast moving in the beginning, both literally and figuratively. Start by dropping your Army Lava Hound with Haste towards an Air Defense. Follow that up with 10 Balloons. Next, drop your Wall Wrecker towards a third Air Defense. Follow that up with another 10 Balloons. Quickly bring your air-targeted Grand Warden into the battle to Life Aura the majority of your troops. Send in the remaining Balloons surgically. The last Haste Spell in your army should get them from point A to point B in a flash! Use your Clone Spells on 2 dense groups of Balloons with Rage Spells over the core of the base. Pop the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability, as he’ll be in the middle of 25+ Balloons. To top off the attack, use your remaining Minions to snipe the buildings that the Balloons left defenseless. The sheer amount of Balloons spawned from the Clone Spells will demolish any defense in its path, while causing destructive splash damage to all surrounding buildings. By the time the Clone Spells expire, you’re left with nothing but the 3-star cleanup and an enemy base in shambles.

Where It Can Go Wrong: Taking down the enemy Archer Queen early in the battle is crucial, especially if she’s higher than level 35. If she remains in battle, she’ll snipe down your Balloons with ease. You’ll also want to keep a close eye on any single-target Inferno Towers. Since you aren’t taking any Freeze Spells with this composition, you’ll have to rely on the hasted/raged Balloons to take down the Infernos early.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Extremely difficult to defend against, even at Town Hall 11. Cloned GoLaLoonion is a very dependable 2 or 3-star attack. The usage of dual Clone Spells make this an attack strategy that you hope you won’t get hit with. Max level Clone Spells are encouraged for best results. Just don’t forget to pop the Grand Warden’s ability when all troops are in the core, as that will provide valuable invincibility time!

Top Rated Armies | TH11 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH11 Army 3

TH11 Attack Strategies ( Queen Walk BoVaWi ) :

Strengths: Queen Walk BoVaWi is a powerful ground Army at Town Hall 11. The strength of this Army comes from distracting the Point Defenses with Skeletons while Bowlers and Valkyries bounce and spin through the base. Queen Walk BoVaWi is an excellent strategy against 3-ring bases, and helps put an end to high-percentage 1-star attacks.

Phase 1 – Grand Queen Walk & Lure: The objective of the Grand Queen Walk is to breach into the outer ring from 1 corner, then destroy its path to another corner while luring out the defending Clan Castle. Start the Walk by dropping your Queen and Grand Warden with 5 Healers behind them. The drop point should be near the enemy Clan Castle trigger ring. If the Royals are not able to pull the troops, replace 1 Bowler for a Hog Rider (and Archer) to help lure. Once the defending Clan Castle troops become engaged in the battle, drop your Poison Spell on top of them, and Rage Spell your Royals and Healers. This will destroy the defending troops, as well as any nearby buildings. The Grand Warden and Archer Queen should then continue their walk around the ring. Once you destroy all defending Clan Castle troops and hit 18-20% overall damage, you’re ready for Phase 2.

Phase 2 – BK & BoWi: The corner of the base that the Grand Warden and Archer Queen are walking towards is where you want to deploy your main offense. Start phase 2 by dropping your Barbarian King and 6 Wall Breakers to breach the outer ring. Time for a frame of bowling! Drop your Wall Wrecker near the breach, followed by your 5 Witches and 9 Bowlers. It’s important that you get these troops inside the ring, because that’s where all of the high-value defense will be. Once your Grand Warden and Archer Queen converge with your main Army, activate the Eternal Tome to save your offense from any Inferno Tower and/or Eagle Artillery damage. When the overall base damage reaches 50%, you’re ready to jump into Phase 3.

Phase 3 – Jumping the Valks in: Phase 2 should have wiped away half of the base, leaving the Town Hall vulnerable in the core. Send in your 8 Valkyries through the breached wall. They should aggro right to the core. Drop your Jump Spell to guide them into the Town Hall ring, then a Rage Spell to quickly pick up your second star. The rest of your main Army should still be busy working their way around the base, Skeleton-distracting and Bowling their way to a 2 or 3-star.

Spell and Ability Support: 1 Rage Spell must be used for the Grand Queen walk, and another must be used for the Valkyries in the core. The available 2 Rage Spells should be used to boost your main Army around the base. The available Freeze Spells should be used to tame the Eagle Artillery or Inferno Tower. Royal abilities are also a massive asset. Use the Eternal Tome earlier in the battle, so most troops become immune to damage. Use the Royal Cloak ideally later on in the battle, when the AQ’s boosted damage can 1-shot defenses that are targeting your main Army. On the contrary, if your AQ is about to go down early in the battle, activate her ability. It’s better earlier than never. Rage Fist should be used whenever the BK’s health bar turns red.

Where It Can Go Wrong: The Witches and Healers must stay alive for this attack, as both troops are crucial for providing a defensive distraction and offensive support. Proper spell and ability deployment can be your biggest asset to the Witches and Healers longevity. Rogue Valkyries may also avoid the Town Hall core. If this happens, save the Jump Spell until you know where the Valkyries end up. This should help re-guide them back into the Town Hall core.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: A powerful Town Hall 11 ground army that utilizes the Witches distractions & the Wall Wrecker. It works great against pesky multi-ring bases when the Town Hall is buried deep in the core. If you’re able to Jump Spell your Valkyries into the inner-core, you’ll be ending the battle with at least 2 stars and high damage percentage.

Top Rated Armies | TH11 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH11 Army 4

TH11 Attack Strategies ( GoWiBo ) :

Strengths: Witches make Larry’s. 11 maxed Witches make lots of Larry’s! And lots of Larry’s are a pain to defend against. Even if you’ve got the majestic defense of an Eagle Artillery! GoWiBo’s strength comes from distracting very high HP point defenses (Level 15 Cannons and Archer Towers), while 21 max-level Bowlers toss out serious splash damage. The Grand Warden’s Life Aura & Eternal Tome keep the Witches and Bowlers in the fight for the 3-star. Compartment-heavy square bases are excellent targets for a TH 11 GoWiBo.

Phase 1 – Funnel: Find the entry point for your Main Army. The ideal entry point will charge your troops right into the core with the help of a Quad Quake & Wall Wrecker. Once you have your entry point determined, draw an entry line across the entire side of the base closest to the entry point to create the funnel. Drop the following troops on each end of the entry line: 4 Witches, then 3 Bowlers. Your offense will begin to clear outer buildings, to make way for your Main Army. Next, use your 4 Earthquake spells to break open the core. The idea here is the Wall Wrecker will take care of the outer walls, while the quad Earthquake Spells will take care of the inner walls. You’re ready to be summoned into Phase 2!

Phase 2 – Bowling with Witches: Once the quad quake spells have been dropped, deploy the following units in this exact order: Wall Wrecker (holding a Golem & Giant) / Remaining Bowlers / Remaining Witches / Barbarian King / Archer Queen / Grand Warden. Due to the funneling in Phase 1, all of the Phase 2 troops should follow the Wall Wrecker right into the base to start racking up the damage percentage. Use your 2 lonely Archers for sniping any Builder Huts or outer-trash buildings.

Phase 3 – Spells and Abilities: Spells and Abilities are crucial to this attack. Use your first Rage Spell once a majority of your troops have made it past the first wall. The defending CC troops should be engaged in combat. Use your Poison Spell to tame any Dragons / Baby Dragons / Loons / Hounds. Once your troops make it past the first Rage Spell, drop another, along with the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome (Ideally timing the Tome with an Eagle Artillery shot.) Always keep an eye on your Archer Queen and Barbarian King’s health bar. Pop their abilities if they are sustaining heavy damage. Rule of thumb (or… index finger!!) – The later you can activate the King and Queen’s abilities, the better!. Use the final Rage Spell when the surviving offense converges again. Now just sit back and watch the remaining troops do their jobs to bring home a 2 star or triple.

Where It Can Go Wrong: It is crucial that your Phase 2 troops get funneled into the core. If they begin to walk around the base, chances are you’re looking at a 1-star attack (😢😢😢). Multi-target infernos can also burn down your offense quickly, but proper timing of the Eternal Tome and Rage Spells can help counter that! Additionally.. the quad Earthquake Spells & Wall Wrecker duo are the perfect team for guiding your troops into the core.

In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: A very powerful, and easy-to-execute Town Hall 11 attack! The distracting skeletons (Larry’s) provide immense support to your Bowlers and Witches. GoWiBo is a great Army against the popular compartment-heavy square base.

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