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Welcome to CopyCoCBases! Your ultimate destination for dominating Clash of Clans at TH12. Our website is your gateway to mastering the art of TH12 attack strategies and assembling the most formidable armies. Unleash the power of expertly crafted attack plans that ensure victory in every raid. Whether it’s war attacks or pushing trophies, our meticulously curated arsenal of strategies and armies is designed to cater to your unique needs. Elevate your Clash of Clans game with our battle-tested tactics, and reign supreme as you conquer opponents and climb the ranks. Join us at CopyCoCBases and lead your clan to victory, one epic raid at a time!

TH12 Base Layouts

Top Rated Armies | TH12 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH12 Armies

TH12 Attack Strategies ( Yeti Smash ) :

Strengths: 7 backpacks full of Yetimites and 7 slinging bowlers make Yeti Smash a fan-favorite at Town Hall 12. The sheer strength of all of the splash damage on offense will help you flatten the strongest Town Hall 12 bases in Clan War & Clan War League. Keep reading to learn how to perform this powerful hybrid attack! Phase 1 – The Funnel: Creating a funnel into the core is CRUCIAL for Yeti Smash. This is because Yetis and Bowlers have a strong tendency to wander the perimeter of the base if they’re deployed without a proper funnel. If this happens… you’re going to have a very tough time salvaging the attack. Start off by dropping your Grand Warden with 5 Healers on one corner of the base, immediately followed by 1 Loon to help trigger any Air Mines. Once the Warden & supporting Healers begin to move, drop the second Loon to trigger any more hidden surprises. The long range of the Grand Warden should be able to clear away about 4-6% to help create the funnel on one side. Give them a Rage Spell to keep the Warden in action if his health begins to quickly drop. On the other side of the funnel, drop your Barbarian King & Siege Barracks. Pop the Barbarian King’s ability once his health hits the 50% mark. This will effectively create a path right to the core for your main army. If your funnel needs any bit of fine-tuning, use your Baby Dragon to help create the path (likely on the side of the base that you Warden Walked.) Let’s SMASH into Phase 2!! Phase 2 – SMASH!: Your two Jump Spells are crucial for pathing your troops into the core. One should get your troops within the 3rd ring of walls, and the second should get your troops right into the core. With your Jump Spells dropped, it’s time to YETI SMASH! Drop your 7 bowlers, immediately followed by your 7 Yetis & Archer Queen. They should be lured right to the first Jump Spell. Once they begin hopping over the walls, drop a Rage Spell on them. By this point, the enemies defending Clan Castle troops are likely engaged in the battle. Drop a quick Poison Spell on them to slow them down. Use your 3 Wizards and 5 Minions to help clear out any trash buildings around the perimeter. It’s time for Phase 3! Phase 3 – Cleanup on Aisle 12: With a majority of your army in combat, your Phase 3 objectives are popping the abilities of your Archer Queen, Grand Warden & dropping the remaining Poison, Rage & Freeze Spells where needed. It’s recommended that you use the Freeze Spell on a multi-target inferno, Eagle Artillery, or the Giga Tesla. Where It Can Go Wrong: Funneling your army into the core of the base is crucial. If the pathing in Phase 1 goes awry, your 7 Bowlers & 7 Yeti won’t make it to the core of the base. If that happens, you’ll likely be finishing the attack with a 1 star (or 2 star if the base you’re up against is an Anti-3). In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: The amount of splash damage in Yeti Smash is insanely powerful. This attack most definitely has the power to SMASH maxed out TH 12’s in Clan War & Clan War League. It’s recommended that you practice this attack with Friendly Challenges to ensure you have a good grasp on the Phase 1 funneling.

Top Rated Armies | TH12 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH12 Army 1

TH12 Attack Strategies ( P.E.K.K.A. BoBat ) :

Strengths: What do you get when you unleash a Bat Wave onto a base with mostly-distracted defenses? You get one upset defender, that’s what!!! P.E.K.K.A. The brutal army composition of BoBat can absolutely flatten max-level Town Hall 12’s. Just keep a CLOSE eye on your 3 Freeze Spells, as they are detrimental to the success of this attack. Planning The Attack: Your entry line for this attack should be closest to Wizard Towers, multi target Inferno Towers, and the Eagle Artillery. These 3 defenses can quickly derail your Bat Wave from gaining 1-shot potential. Aim for 2 Wizard Towers, 1 Inferno Tower, and the Eagle Artillery. Phase 1 – The Funnel: Funneling in this attack is crucial. You must create a path where your P.E.K.K.A.S. and Bowlers follow the Wall Wrecker into (NOT around) the base. Start by Warden walking one corner of the base. The corner of the base should have an accessible Wizard Tower that can be sniped by the Grand Warden (as determined in the above ‘Planning The Attack’.) The Warden Walk should be able to sufficiently clear one side of the funnel. Drop a rage on the Warden & Healers to assist the clearing. The other side of the funnel (opposite end of your entry line) should be created with your Baby Dragon & Barbarian King. Pop the King’s ability when his health hits the 50% mark. Phase 2 – Kill Squad: Your Phase 1 funnel should have created a nice run-way into the enemy’s base. Start by dropping all of your P.E.K.K.A.S. They will begin to tank any nearby point-defenses. Immediately drop your Wall Wrecker to create a path into the base, followed by your Bowlers & Archer Queen. You want to make sure that your Wall Wrecker makes it deep into the core of the base, so you get the most value from the Bowlers and Wizard that pop out. Because this is crucial for the attack, use your Eternal Tome ability to protect the wheels of your Wall Wrecker. Drop a Rage Spell once your Kill Squad has converged inside the base, and a Poison Spell once the enemy troops have joined in on the fun. Phase 3 – BAT WAVE!: By this point in the attack, you should be left with 5 Bat Spells, 5 Wizards, 5 Archers, 1 Ice Golem & 3 Freeze Spells. Let’s focus on the Bat Spells, Freeze Spells and Ice Golem. Drop all 5 Bat Spells on the furthest end from what’s left of the enemy base. This will create a Bat Wave that will 1-shot every standing defense. The 3 Freeze Spells MUST be used to freeze Wizard Towers & multi-target Inferno Towers as the Bat Wave approaches. (The splash damage from these units will instantly melt through your Bat Wave.) Drop the Ice Golem to tank for a Wizard Tower, as those defenses are usually located on the outer portion of a base. Phase 4 – Cleanup: Your remaining troops (5 Wizards & 5 Archers) should be used to snipe any trash buildings. This will create a quicker cleanup for the 3-star attack. Where It Can Go Wrong: P.E.K.K.A. BoBat can go wrong in two crucial stages of this attack. 1 – If you do not funnel your Kill Squad inside the base, and 2 – if your Bat Wave gets locked onto by splash defenses. If you’re able to prevent both of these from happening, there is a VERY good chance you’ll 3-star your attack! In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: This attack is not easy to execute. But with risk comes reward! Timing is crucial with P.E.K.K.A. BoBat. If you’re able to consistently funnel your kill squad & time the Freeze Spells, you’ll be flattening Town Hall 12s left and right!!! Fantastic OP strategy for Clan War League.

Top Rated Armies | TH12 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH12 Army 2

TH12 Attack Strategies ( Electro Loon ) :

Strengths: Easy to deploy against max level Town Hall 11 and 12’s, and shockingly effective against tightly-packed bases! Ready to experience the destruction of 8 Electro Dragons simultaneously utilizing Chain Lightning? \nPhase 1 – Ground-based Kill Squad: The Kill Squad of Electro Loon is extremely important. The objective is to take down 2 Air Defenses with your Wall Wrecker, King, Queen, and 1 Rage Spell. Deploy the Wall Wrecker on a path that opens up walls near two close-range Air Defenses. Quickly deploy your King and Queen to follow the Wall Wrecker inside the base. The Wall Wrecker, King and Queen will be taking HEAVY damage once they’ve breached the base, so get ready to trigger the Royal abilities once their health bars start to quickly drop. Once the Wall Wrecker goes down, drop 1 rage spell atop the cluster of troops. By the time all units are down, you should have taken down 2 Air Defenses. Note – If you only managed to take down 1 Air Defense, you’re still in pretty good shape; Electro Dragons are extremely powerful! Phase 2 – Send in the Electricity!: Your entry line of 8 Electro Dragons and 8 Balloons should be closest to the remaining Air Defenses. Deploy all 8 Electro Dragons first to tank, then deploy the 8 Balloons behind them. Follow that up by deploying your air-targeted Grand Warden behind your offense. Phase 3 – Spells and Tome: Once you’re in Phase 3, all troops and Royals have been deployed. The final strategy is timing the spells and Grand Warden ability. Ideally, you want to use up 2 Rage Spells quickly to get your Army into the core of the base. If any defending Clan Castle troops, Air Defenses or Inferno Towers begin to lock onto your troops, freeze them! Pop the Grand Wardens Eternal Tome ability once your offense has converged into a tighter grouping. Continue to use your remaining Rage and Freeze spells to help guide your troops through the base. Especially past Air Sweepers (which are deadly to the very slow Electro Dragons!) Where It Can Go Wrong: Due to the extremely slow movement speed of Electro Dragons, this attack may not be as effective on bases that are very spread out. After determining the base you’re going to attack is a good candidate for Electro Loon, you must make sure you take down Air Defenses quick. Air Defenses left free can easily snipe down packs of Electro Dragons. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Electro Loon works best on bases that have their buildings separated 1 tile apart. This allows their Chain Lightning attack to be most effective. If you’ve taken down 2 Air Defenses in Phase 1 and properly time the Spells and Eternal Tome in Phase 3, you’re bound to zap the enemy with a 100% 3-star attack!

Top Rated Armies | TH12 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH12 Army 3

TH12 Attack Strategies ( Shattered BoWitch ) :

Strengths: A modern touch to a classic Clash of Clans attack, Shattered BoWitch at Town Hall 12 has more Larry’s, more bowling balls, more DPS, and a Wall Wrecker to funnel all of that offense! While this attack strategy may have some difficulties against beefier Town Hall 12’s, it’s almost always a guaranteed triple against Town Hall 11’s! Phase 1 – Find your Line: Phase 1 involves finding the deployment line for all of that offense in your Army. Your deployment line should be about 7 buildings wide on the far opposite end of the enemies Town Hall. The reason you want the deployment line as far from the Town Hall as possible is for the Wall Wrecker to take down as many buildings as possible before it explodes. Phase 2 – Kitchen Sink!: Phase 2 involves deploying all of your troops. The proverbial “kitchen sink” strategy! Start by dropping a Golem on each end of your deployment line. Next, deploy all 9 Witches across the deployment line. Follow that up with 18 Bowlers on the same line. Once all that firepower is on the map (save those 4 Archers for cleanup), deploy the Wall Wrecker and all 3 Royals in the center of the deployment line. This should create a nice funnel for all of your troops to make their way into the core of the base. Phase 3 – Spells and Abilities: Phase 3 is all about keeping that offense raged and healthy. Start by dropping a Rage Spell a little in front of the center of the deployment line. This is where the troops (and LOTS of them!) will be converging. A Rage Spell will help deal some SERIOUS damage. Quickly drop a Heal and Poison Spell once the enemies Clan Castle troops become engaged into battle. Pop the Grand Wardens Eternal Tome if necessary. The remaining Heal, Rage, Freeze and Jump Spells will help guide the main cluster of your troops around the enemies base. Always keep an eye on the King and Queens health bars. Activate their abilities once they begin taking considerable damage. Use those 4 lonely Archers to help snipe trash buildings and defenses that are distracted from all the Larry’s. Where It Can Go Wrong: A successful Shattered BoWitch attack lies on getting your Archer Queen into the center of the base. If she wanders to the outside, any enemy Clan Castle air troops will have an incredibly easy time laying waste to your main Army. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: The sheer amount of Larry’s (Skeleton’s) spawned from the 9 Witches will greatly distract defenses. While this is happening, a slew of Bowlers are flinging rocks across the base. Shattered BoWitch relies on tanks and distractions to get you and your Clan yet another 3-star War attack!

Top Rated Armies | TH12 Best Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH12 Army 4

TH12 Attack Strategies ( Lavaloon Wrecker ) :

Strengths: Lavaloon Wrecker is a skilled attack that is more difficult to deploy than other Town Hall 12 attacks, but when patiently executed, it can take down top bases with ease! Lavaloon Wrecker takes advantage of a Wall Wrecker Kill Squad along with 31 Level 8 Balloons. Rage and Haste Spells zip your air-based Army around the base destroying everything and anything below its path. Due to the sheer importance of the Wall Wrecker Kill Squad, this attack is considered Hybrid instead of Air. Phase 1 – Wall Wrecker Kill Squad: Phase 1 is EXTREMELY important in Lavaloon Wrecker. Your objective is to take down the defending Clan Castle troops and Archer Queen. If this objective is not met, your attack WILL FAIL. Yes – it’s that important! Start by finding the closest path to the defending Clan Castle and Archer Queen. Drop the Wall Wrecker and two Baby Dragons on either side to help create a funnel into the core. Next, drop your King and Queen behind the Wall Wrecker. As soon as the defending Clan Castle troops become engaged into battle, drop a Rage Spell on your Kill Squad and a Poison Spell on the defending troops. The Bowlers in your Wall Wrecker should help create a path while your Royals complete the Phase 1 objective. KEEP YOUR EYE ON YOUR QUEENS HEALTH! Activate the King and Queen abilities once they begin taking heavy damage. By the end of Phase 1, you should have about 25-35% base damage, along with no more defending Archer Queen and Clan Castle troops. Onto phase 2! Phase 2 – Classic Lavaloon!: Phase 2 is executed just like Lavaloon at lower level Town Halls. The objective is to use the 3 Lava Hounds to tank while your Balloons perform the bomb-dropping cleanup. The quicker you can get your air Army to the core (presumably where the Eagle Artillery is perched), the better. Start by dropping two Lava Hounds and 15-20 Balloons on a path towards 1 defending Air Defense. Follow that up with an air-targeted Grand Warden behind them. Quickly drop your final Lava Hound and remaining Balloons towards another defending Air Defense. Move as fast as you can into Phase 3! Phase 3 – Spells and Cleanup: Aside from 7 Minions and 1 lonely Archer, all of your offense is on the base. You should be down to 2 Rage Spells, 4 Haste Spells and 1 Healing Spell at this point. Start Phase 3 by guiding all of your army into the core of the base with the assistance of the 4 Haste Spells. Once these troops have converged, drop a Rage Spell and activate the Grand Warden Eternal Tome right before an Eagle Artillery shell drop. With the remaining Healing Spell and Rage Spell, help guide the remaining Army across the defending base. Use the 7 Minions and 1 Archer to help start the cleanup process to a 3-star attack! Where It Can Go Wrong: It can’t be stressed enough, if the defending Archer Queen and Clan Castle troops remain in battle after Phase 1, chances are, you’re only going to get a 50% 1-star attack. Once all of your offense is deployed and you’re in Phase 3, Spell deployment is crucial. Try to be patient while deploying the Spells while not creating a Spell overlap. If you rush the Spell deployment in Phase 3, you won’t be able to provide your Army sufficient coverage to take down all defenses. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: This is a tough attack to master. Especially at Town Hall 12, where the defenses and Giga Tesla have never been stronger. Practice practice practice! With the help of Friendly Challenges, you’ll be able to much better time this attack. Think you have the timing down? Practice practice practice some more! The ability to master Lavaloon Wrecker is relative to the sheer strength of this attack. This attack WILL take down max level Town Hall 12’s. And just in case you need one more reminder, don’t forget to practice with Friendly Challenges!

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