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Best TH5 Attack Strategies & Army Link – 2023


Welcome to CopyCoCBases! Dive into the world of Clash of Clans with our exceptional TH5 Attack Strategies & Armies. Unleash the power of strategic warfare as a Town Hall 5 player. Our meticulously crafted attack guides and meticulously designed armies are tailored to help you dominate your opponents. Crush enemy bases with precision, using expertly curated strategies that guarantee victory. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, our TH5 Attack Strategies will elevate your gameplay. Join us at CopyCoCBases and embark on a journey to become a Clash of Clans champion at Town Hall 5!

TH5 Base Layouts

Top Rated Armies | TH5 Base Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH5 Armies

TH5 Attack Strategies ( GiLoon ) :

Strengths: GiLoon is an extremely OP Town Hall 5 War attack, almost always resulting in a triple. It’s overpowered due to the 3 high level (preferably max level) Balloons you bring in your Clan Castle. With only 1 Air Defense to worry about on Town Hall 5 bases, your 13 total Balloons will have no problem ripping through the base. Especially since your 7 Giants will be tanking for the 3 Archer Towers. 3 more War stars, here you come!! Phase 1 – Lure: Luring the enemy’s Clan Castle troops at Town Hall 5 is quite easy. This is due to the Level 2 Clan Castles low troop capacity of 15. No defending Dragon is key! Start by dropping 1 Giant as close to the Clan Castle trigger ring as possible. Once the Giant goes down, all defending troops should be in a tight group. Drop 2 Lightning Spells on top of them to deal out splash damage. Use your 7 remaining Giants to drop in a line, separating them by a building length. Note – this staggered deployment is extremely important if there is a Valkyrie on the base. If the Giants are all clustered together, the Valkyrie will deal major splash damage to multiple Giants. If they are staggered apart, splash damage won’t hit all of them. Finish off the lure by dropping your 8 Wizards behind the Giants to fully destroy the Clan Castle troops, and start cleaning up the base. Phase 2: Once you have the defending CC troops down, drop your 4 Wall Breakers to breach into the base. Immediately after deploying the Wall Breakers, drop your 9 Army Balloons, and your Clan Castle Balloons as close to the Air Defense as possible. Start sniping any defenseless buildings with your remaining Archers. The 100% is only a short moment away. Where It Can Go Wrong: Failing to destroy a defending Baby Dragon or Valkyrie in the enemy’s Clan Castle can bring your War attack to a halt. Avoid the 1 star attack by destroy all defending Clan Castle troops! In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: GiLoon is very tough for a Town Hall 5 War base to defend against. The main offense in this attack comes from the max level Balloons in your Clan Castle. It’s important that your Clan mates can donate them. If not – it may be worth recruiting some higher level players to provide higher level War donations. GiLoon is also excellent practice for a multi-phase hybrid attack. You’re bound to win some style points from your fellow Clan mates when you pull it off!

Top Rated Armies | TH5 Base Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH5 Army 1

TH5 Attack Strategies ( GiHoWi )

Strengths: A very similar attack to GiLoon, GiHoWi is an OP and dependable 3-star War attack. 12 Giants serve as tanks while Archers, Wizards and Hog Riders begin the quick cleanup against busy defenses. The main offense from GiHoWi comes from your 3 Clan Castle Hog riders. Phase 1 – Lure: Due to the amount of Archers you bring in with GiHoWi, pulling all defending Clan Castle troops to the outside of the base is advised. Start by dropping 1 Giant as close to the defending Clan Castle as possible. When the Giant goes down, drop your Lightning Spells on top of the defending troop cluster. Next, use about 3-4 Archers to draw all of these damaged troops to the outside of the base. When they’re out of reach from any defensive unit (mainly Archer Towers), circle them with 10 Archers and 2-3 Wizards. Phase 2: Now that the defending Clan Castle troops have been destroyed, it’s time to bring in the tanks. Drop your remaining 11 Giants in a staggered line, separating them about a building length apart. This is to prevent a Spring Trap from launching multiple Giants off the map, and for tanking as many defenses as possible. When your Giants begin taking fire, deploy a line of 5 Wizards and 7-10 Archers behind them to start cleaning up defenseless buildings. Use your Wall Breakers to breach once the Giants start pounding on Walls. Send in your max level Clan Castle Hog Riders behind your Giants, Wizards and Archers. They will hop their way into the base to assist in the defense takedown. Deploy any remaining Wizards and Archers to cleanup the base to a 100%. Where It Can Go Wrong: Gaps inside of the base may be hiding Spring Traps. Try to deploy your Clan Castle Hog Riders in tighter / gap-less parts of the base, where you know they won’t be tossed off of the map. The 3 max Hogs serve as the main offensive takedown to this attack, so it’s important they remain in battle, and not sprung up into the clouds. Additionally, the full Clan Castle lure is crucial to an easy cleanup. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: A very easy attack to lure and execute. Just consider the enemy’s War base layout before going with GiHoWi. If the base design is very spread out, you may have an easier time with GiLoon to avoid the Hog-flying Spring Traps.

Top Rated Armies | TH5 Base Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH5 Army 2

TH5 Attack Strategies ( GiHoLo )

Strengths: GiHoLo is an extremely OP Town Hall 5 hybrid attack. Balloons are a very tough troop to defend. With 15 of them in the sky over a Town Hall 5 War base, you’re bound to 3-star in record-breaking time. Phase 1 – Lure: Luring is important to keep any splash damage away from your Balloons and Hog Riders. Start your War attack by dropping 3 Archers as close as possible to the defending Clan Castle. When all of the troops are out from hiding, drop your Lightning Spells on them to bring down their health while splash damaging any surrounding buildings. Next, pull them to the outside by slowly dropping 2 or 3 more Archers on the edge of the base. The defending troops will follow the Archers to work their way to the outside. Once they’re close to the edge, circle them with 8-12 Archers until they all turn into tombstones. Note – the circle deployment is very important because it prevents splash damage from hitting all of your Archers. Phase 2: The early objective of Phase 2 is to take down the enemy’s Air Defense. With your 6 Giants, drop them in a short entry line close to the AD to create a temporary distraction. (Temporary, because there is no way to heal / revive their HP.) As soon as the Giants start taking fire, drop 5-10 Archers behind them, along with your Wall Breakers to breach. Send in your Clan Castle Hogs as close to the AD as you can. Once the Hog Riders go down, begin sending in your Balloons surgically. Use 4 Balloons per defense that’s dealing out damage to your ground troops. Start the cleanup sniping with your remaining Archers by hitting defenseless buildings. Where It Can Go Wrong: Not luring the enemy Clan Castle can put a quick end to your Hog Riders and Balloons, which may result in a low-percentage 0-star attack. You also want to make sure you don’t deploy your Balloons in large groups. If the enemy has both of their Air Bombs next to each other, the splash damage may take out the entire group of Balloons. To avoid major splash damage, use surgical Balloon deployment. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: As long as the Air Defense and defending Clan Castle troops are all destroyed, the 100% will be quickly on its way!

Top Rated Armies | TH5 Base Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH5 Army 3

TH5 Attack Strategies ( GiWiz Loon )

Strengths: Gee whiz! GiWiz Loon is a GREAT attack at Town Hall 5! The sheer amount of Giants and Wizards you bring in can flatten enemy bases with PLENTY of time left on the battle clock. By saving your Balloons until the last phase of this attack, you’re bound for success with splash defenses and the Air Defense out of the battle. Let’s learn GiWiz Loon. Phase 1 – Lure: Luring the enemy Clan Castle is important. If the enemy is holding Balloons, they can demolish your Giants and Wizards. And you most definitely don’t want that! Start by dropping 1 Giant as close to the Clan Castle trigger ring as possible. Once all 15 housing space of CC troops join the battle and take down your Giant, drop 1 more Giant on a far corner of the enemy base. This will help lure the CC troops away from the bases and defenses. As soon as your Giant starts taking damage from the CC troops, drop 3-4 Wizards around them to take them out. Quickly jump into phase 2! Phase 2 – Mortar and Wizard Tower Takedown: Once the defending Clan Castle troops have been taken care of, drop 1 Giant as close to the defending Wizard Tower as you can. This is to trip any Bombs or Spring Traps that may be nearby. Once the coast is clear, drop your remaining Giants in the same spot. In between Mortar and Wizard Tower shots, drop your 4 Wall Breakers to let your Giants in. Once the Wizard Tower locks onto your Giants, drop 2 Lightning Spells on the Mortar. Depending on your Lightning Spell level, it may take the Mortar down. If not… don’t worry! 1 Giant smash should take it down quickly. Time for phase 3! Phase 3 – Balloons then Wizards: By this stage of the attack, your Giants should be taking some decent damage from all of the defenses. Drop your army Balloons as close to the defending Air Defense as possible, followed by your Clan Castle Balloons. This should overwhelm the Air Defense with targets, allowing your Balloons to take it down. Follow this up by dropping your Wizards in a line on the same spot you dropped your Giants. Your Balloons and Wizards should have no problems mowing through the base with the help of your tanking Giants. Use your Archers to take care of any corner / outer buildings. Where It Can Go Wrong: GiWiz Loon heavily relies on taking down enemy Clan Castle troops and splash defenses in phase 1 and 2. By doing so, your Wizards will easily be able to provide the necessary 3-star cleanup. If you fail to take down the Clan Castle, defending troops like Balloons or a Baby Dragon can easily wipe out your Giants. If this happens, you won’t be able to get a 3-star…. Or maybe not even a 2-star! 😨😨 In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: GiWiz Loon is a great attack to use for Clan War or Farming. This is due to the sheer amount of Wizards and Giants you bring into battle. Combine that with taking down all threats early in the match, and you’re pretty much guaranteeing a 3-star attack every time! Copy GiWiz Loon to your game with the ‘Copy Army to Game’ button below!

Top Rated Armies | TH5 Base Attack Strategies | New Latest Updated 2023 | TH5 Army 4

TH5 Attack Strategies ( Hog GiLoon )

Strengths: Hog GiLoon is just as fun of an attack as it is dependable! This army uses the tanking HP of Giants, with a CRAZY amount of Balloons for base cleanup! Add in the mix a Clan Castle of Hog Riders jumping over walls to help smash defenses, and you’ve got yourself an almost guaranteed 3-star. It’s a 4-phase attack, but don’t let that scare you. Let’s learn Hog GiLoon! Phase 1 – Lure: Like most other attacks at Town Hall 5, luring the enemy Clan Castle is super important. This is to ensure your Balloons don’t get taken down by a few shots of Wizard & Baby Dragon splash. Start by dropping 1 Archer near the enemy Clan Castle to lure out the troops. If the trigger ring is hard to reach, use a Giant. Once the defending troops have exited the Clan Castle and your lure troop (Archer and/or Giant) is down, deploy 1 Giant on a far corner of the enemy base to pull the CC troops to the outside. Circle the defending troops with about 10-12 Archers. You’re ready for phase 2! Phase 2 – Zapping Some Defense: Phase 2 is as simple as it gets: dropping both of your Lightning Spells. The Wizard Tower and Air Defense are the targets. If they’re close to each other (by about 3–4 tiles,) drop both Lightning Spells in between. If they’re 5 or more tiles away, focus on the Wizard Tower and the closest defense to it. Again, you want to drop both of your Lightning Spells IN BETWEEN these defenses. This helps deal most splash damage. You likely won’t take any defenses out, but you’ll severely damage them, which is all we need! Onto phase 3! Phase 3 – Giants Then Cleanup: Phase 3 is a 2-part strategy. For part 1, drop 1 Giant as close to the defending Wizard Tower as possible. Once confirmed there are no Spring Traps or Bombs in the way, drop your remaining Giants in the same spot. Next, drop your Wall Breakers 1 at a time to breach the wall for your Giants. By this point, all enemy defenses should be locked onto your Giants. For part 2, drop 5 Balloons as close to the defending Wizard Tower as you can. Next, drop 2 Balloons (in pairs) all around the perimeter of the base. The reason you’re doing this is to ensure Air Bombs don’t take down a pack of your Balloons at once. Phase 4 is all that remains! Phase 4 – Hog Riddddeeerrrr!: Start phase 4 by dropping your Clan Castle Hog Riders as close to the enemy base as you can. Follow that up by dropping 1 Archer each on a surrounding non-defense building. That’s it! Your Giants / Balloons and Hog Riders ALL target defenses, which makes for a very easy 3-star cleanup. Where It Can Go Wrong: Just like the GiWiz Loon strategy, Hog GiLoon REQUIRES a full Clan Castle lure and defending troop takedown. Defending troops like Baby Dragons or Valkyries can really spoil this attack. Additionally, you want to make sure the Wizard Tower goes down quickly by rushing it with your Balloons in phase 3. In Clash Fanatic Conclusion: Hog GiLoon is a 4-phase attack, so it’s a bit more on the technical side, but after you pull it off, you’ll be getting some praise in the Clan Chat! This is a great army to use for farming too, now that troop costs are all free! Give it a try today by pressing the ‘Copy Army to Game’ button below. And if this has been helpful, be sure to recommend Clash Fanatic App to your clan members! 🤜💥🤛

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